What is the best course of action when a motorist is following behind you too closely? 


     A.  Change lanes and let them pass

     B.  Use your horn and make obscene gestures

     C.  Speed up to put distance between you and the tailgater

     D.  Ignore them



Speeding up to lose someone following too closely can only ends up with someone tailgating you at a higher speed.  A better way to handle tailgaters is to get them in front of you.  When someone is following too closely, change lanes and let them pass.  If you can’t do this, slow down and open up extra space ahead of you to allow room for both you and the tailgater to stop. This will also encourage them to pass.  If they don’t pass, you will have given yourself and the tailgater more time and space to react in case an emergency does develop ahead.


Information provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety Operator's Manual

Revised Version November 2008