just ride motorcycle biker 1When people think of bikers, they think of a man dressed in a black leather jacket, wearing black pants/chaps, and boots.  Normally, they picture the biker female wearing the same thing, but fitted to compliment her shape.  
We can thank Hollywood for that biker outlaw look and possibly a few other rogue bikers as well.  It's still a good look, but is it the best biker look to have?  What I mean in regards to biker safety... Is all black leather the best option?
People on the road have many different things taking place inside their vehicles, it's easy not to notice someone driving, especially the biker in all black riding on side of them. Lighten up... literally!!!  Make things easy on the eyes while riding down the road. Go out and buy some reflective gear for yourself.  People want to look good while riding, but you can look good and be safe at the same time.  The gear we choose to wear is the only thing between your skin and the pavement.  It's the smartest move you could ever make by protecting yourself and your investments. 
Stiletto heels are cute, the hat turned backwards is also nice, but in the event of an emergency they're all pointless and can't help you.  It's suggested that you wear a shoe/boot with a good rubber sole for good traction and it also should be tall enough to support your ankle.  All helmets are suggested to be Department of Transportation (DOT) certified, so just find one that fits your head and style, but most importantly ride with it on your head... not strapped to the side of the bike.  
You can buy reflective gloves, jackets, tape, riding suits, iron patches and much more that will enhance your visibility while riding at night. Studies have been conducted and proven that fluorescent clothing reduces motorcycle injuries and death. If you live in the big city or in a highly populated area, wear Day-Glo colors combined with reflective panels and tape. High visibility colors are the best way to be seen during the day and the best choice is yellow, which is the color most visible to the human eye.
The outlaw look is still good fashion and probably always will be, just upgrade it a little. Remember, reflective wear is always a good choice when choosing gear.  We all love life, riding on two's and looking good... just make sure you're dressed for the occasion while doing it!