In 2009, there were more than 400 motorcyclists and passengers killed in motorcycle accidents.  Over 55% ...of those that were killed were not wearing helmets.  Wearing the proper protective riding gear, which is a helmet, eye goggles, riding jacket & riding boots, is vital when riding a motorcycle.  According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, adhering to the following riding safety tips can help minimize the chances of having a fatal motorcycle accident:
-Keep your distance from other vehicles and give yourself time to react and maneuver.
-Position yourself in the lane so you can be seen at all times and avoid any blind spots.
-Make sure you are fully visible when you pass another vehicle and stay in the center of the lane when you’re being passed.
-Never share a lane or drive alongside another vehicle.  Don’t park in between other vehicles.  Use your own parking space.
-Wear the proper safety riding gear at all times when riding.
-Obey all laws and ride the speed limit.