So you are ready to buy your first motorcycle.  Well just be aware that buying a motorcycle at a good and fair price takes some shopping around.  Here are a few tips to help you purchase that perfect ride.  

  1. Motorcycle Buying TipsShop Around - Find 3-5 motorcycle dealers close to your home and ask them to give you the out-the-door price. You will be very surprised at some of the additional fees some dealers will charge you. (i.e. Freight Charges, Set-Up Fees) If you shop around you may be able to save yourself a lot of money.
  2. Look For Dealers That Are NOT Located In Large Metropolitan Areas - This is because many dealers located in large metropolitan areas get a lot of foot traffic. Therefore, they can get away with charging higher set-up fees. You will probably receive much better deals from rural motorcycle dealers.


  1. Buy What You Can Handle - Many dealers will try to talk beginners into buying larger more expensive motorcycles. If you are a new rider it may be more wise to start with a smaller 250cc bike until you become comfortable with handling a motorcycle.


  1. Ask What They Charge For The First 600 Mile Service - Most motorcycles have to be serviced by a qualified dealer after the first 600 miles in order to be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Dealers will vary greatly in what they charge for this service.
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