ntk     It’s a wonderful accomplishment when a club manages to reach their first year anniversary.  Through all of the different personalities and opinionated chiefs, there can never be enough Indians to help balance a club. There’s always this person who wants to do things this way

This weekend is going to be full of excitement.  It's Texas Relays Weekend in Austin as well as other events scheduled on Friday in other cities.  Check out what's happening in Texas this weekend and take a peep at the ATX Ruff Ryders Anniversary video from last year.  Click on the link below to find out more about the events for this weekend.

Kingz Angelz still going strong 5 years later...
Kingz Angelz celebrated their 5th Anniversary with an all out bash with support from the who’s who of the Houston Motorcycle Community.  Kingz Angelz didn’t reach this point easily, they had to go through a few trials and tribulations, the loss of a few members and some other miscellaneous situations many other clubs endure to eventually overcome 


The Street Soldiers Rep at KA's Anniversary Party


PEEP THA SCENE at Kingz Angelz 5th Anniversary Party at Chateau Krystale on Saturday, February 18.  In this photo, the Street Soldiers proudly represent as the Most Rep winners were being decided at Kingz Angelz Anniversary Party.  Even though Street Soldiers didn't win the Most Rep trophy, they still had enough members to at least compete for the trophy.  For more photos from Kingz Angelz Anniversary Party, check them out in the Foto Gallery.