imgruffWho shuts down 6th Street with access around traffic during one of the busiest weekends in Austin, Texas?  You already know...Those ATX Ruff Ryders!  Just like any anniversary weekend with this crew, they party like rock stars, keep the bottles turned up and through it all...They make it all happen during the Texas Relays.

     neIt was a Black and Green Affair at Necie RaShae aka 5 Starr’s Birthday Bash at Club Divus in Houston.  Necie made sure TBM didn’t miss the celebration and we were definitely in the house to catch all of the action. 

trewCongratulations to Tru Cons on successfully making it five years together as club.  This simply signifies they were able to defeat the odds most clubs seem to face because they're unable to exist more than two or three years.  Through it all, Tru Cons proudly say “We made it and it’s only the beginning for Tru Cons.”

ntk     It’s a wonderful accomplishment when a club manages to reach their first year anniversary.  Through all of the different personalities and opinionated chiefs, there can never be enough Indians to help balance a club. There’s always this person who wants to do things this way