imgruffWho shuts down 6th Street with access around traffic during one of the busiest weekends in Austin, Texas?  You already know...Those ATX Ruff Ryders!  Just like any anniversary weekend with this crew, they party like rock stars, keep the bottles turned up and through it all...They make it all happen during the Texas Relays.


     Some of you may not be aware about the history behind the ATX Ruff Ryders.  Back in 2001, current ATX Ruff Ryder President, “Brooklyn”, started the Texas Ruff Ryders by establishing the very first chapter in Austin, Texas.  That was more than a decade ago, and today there are 14 Ruff Ryder Chapters established in Texas and it’s hard to tell how many more will pop up across the Lone Star State in the near future.

As the first Texas Ruff Ryder Chapter in the state, all eyes are on the ATX Ruff Ryders.  They’re the leaders as the oldest chapter.  They’ve been around for a decade...and then some.  To have their longevity is almost unheard of in regards to newly established clubs of today.  Through it all, they’ve experienced the normal growing pains undergone by veteran clubs, but only the strong has what it takes to surpass the stormy weather to remain intact after so many years.


The Texas motorcycle set already knows the ATX Ruff Ryders will be celebrating their anniversary on the same weekend of the Texas Relays.  After 11 years in the game, their anniversary weekend has become one of the “things to do” every year at that time.  With all of the hustle and bustle of the Texas Relays crowd and the added traffic on the highways and on 6th Street, it hasn’t stopped them from hosting one of the crunkest anniversary weekends every year.

For 2012, the party began on Friday night (March 30) when they hosted their meet & greet at the host hotel (Holiday Inn) ballroom.  To change the game a little, they hosted a co-ed fashion show to display a wide variety of looks and styles for the average motorcyclist as well as different styles for everyday wear.  From different riding apparel and helmets to swimsuits and attire for the ‘grown and sexy’, this fashion show had it all.  While the models ripped the runway, more than five rap artists/groups performed on stage to bring a whole new flavor.  Of course the Ruff Ryders were crunk, but it was the Houston Chapter that really turned it out.  Shout out to “Hollywood” (Houston Chapter RR’s Sgt @ Arms) for taking over the MIC as the host of Texas Bikers Magazine’s edited video of the night, so expect to see a little humor along with several interviews once the video hits the streets.  Also in the house, C.I.A., Phantom Squad, Terror Squad, and many more not named, but it was the Louisiana Chapter of Phantom Squad whom traveled the distance.  

It was a rough night for many of the late night partiers, but they managed to rise for the “Hillz 2 Tha Hood Ride” on Saturday morning starting at Woods Fun Center in Austin.  When the designated KSU time finally arrived, there were more than 100 riders from countless areas, cities and states whom participated in the ride that stretched for more than a mile of highway as they headed out to take a few turns and curves.  At the completion of the ride, everyone returned to Woods Fun Center to get their grub on, enjoy music from a live DJ, and have a chance to win a few cool prizes, such as a helmet donated by Woods Fun Center.  Texas Biker Magazine also had a Texas insurance agent as well as an advertiser/sponsor, Joyce Tolliver from Allstate Insurance, posted up giving away money cards to those whom requested insurance quotes.  

At 4 p.m., it was time to get wet at the annual pool party.  It all went down at the host hotel (Holiday Inn) pool where numerous performances from several new artists as everyone enjoyed the pool setting while mixing and mingling with a few drinks.  The motorcycle community wasn’t just in the house, but the non-bike crowd was just as heavy on the scene.  What else would you expect?  That’s how it goes down at a Ruff Ryder pool party.

As the night began to creep up, everyone began to prepare for the grand finale of the entire weekend...The crunk anniversary party on 6th Street located downtown.  At 10 p.m., everyone on 2’s received VIP access to the anniversary party venue and a straight shot past all of the traffic on the highway to the east end of 6th Street to the Dirty Dog Bar.  That’s when riding on 2’s paid off because only motorcycles were allowed to ride in the convoy downtown.  That’s when you say...”That’s Playa!”

Inside the Dirty Dog Bar is where the official ATX Ruff Ryders Anniversary Party took crunkness to a whole new level.  Club vests were waving in the air, whistles were blowing and bottles were popping.  Must it be said again...That’s how the ATX Ruff Ryders get down!  DJ Grip from Dollars-N-$ince Entertainment was ripping up the tracks while “BK” (Brooklyn) kept it hype on the M-I-C.  Once again, that damn “Hollywood” (Houston Chapter Ruff Ryder) headed Texas Biker Magazine’s edited video of the event to bring his own unique swag and flavor to the show.  


Texas Biker Magazine congratulates the ATX Ruff Ryders on successfully making it 11 years in the game.  It was a blast covering the entire weekend and much thanks for making sure TBM was in the house to capture another historical Ruff Ryder anniversary weekend.  TBM wishes the ATX Ruff Ryders much continued success as well as many more years in the game.  This club definitely made their mark in the bike community as a “first class” club that strives to set the bar higher each and every year they remain in existence.  If you missed their anniversary throw down recently, then that’s something you might want to put at the top of your list in 2013…ATX Ruff Ryders shut down streets and bring the heat unlike anything you’ll ever see!