ntk     It’s a wonderful accomplishment when a club manages to reach their first year anniversary.  Through all of the different personalities and opinionated chiefs, there can never be enough Indians to help balance a club. There’s always this person who wants to do things this way

and that person who thinks it should be done that way.  It’s a hard task to remain together on one accord…sometimes it even seems impossible. Although the road was a little tough from time to time, Next To Kin Riders seemed to surpas   s all of the common pitfalls most new clubs tend to have, but after 3 years they’re still going strong and proud to be able to celebrate their 3rd anniversary.


     Back in 2009, Darrell (President of Next To Kin Riders) started it all, along with several other relatives – "Big Bodie", "Blak Dyemon", and Ken; they were just an ordinary group of riders who often rode and associated amongst each other as both family and friends. Next To Kin was formed when the suggestion to start a club was made, especially since they were already riding and hanging out together. The name Next To Kin arose because they were all family members and today, every member is considered family and treated just the same…more like Next to Kin.  Next To Kin is a co-ed club of riders from various backgrounds, cultures and races. It doesn’t matter where a member is originally from, what or who they believe in or what nationality they may be…They will always be a part of a family as members of Next To Kin Riders. That’s who they are and that will always be their focus as a family of riders.
     On Saturday, April 20, “Twinkie” (TBM co-owner), attended one of Next To Kin’s meetings held at Harley-Davidson’s of Kingwood in Kingwood, Texas.  HD of Kingwood has been gracious enough to allow Next To Kin to have all of their club meetings in one of their meeting rooms for the last three years. The members had the opportunity to chop it up with “Twinkie” on issues while they gave a little more insight about their club and a few of their future community service projects. At the time, they were discussing their plans to travel to the Crawfish Festival in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana and also their next community service plans.
     “Twinkie” asked Darrell the question, “What has been your biggest downfall throughout

your three years as a club?”  Darrell responded by saying, “Productivity. It takes money to keep anything going and it takes the same to keep this club running. It seems as though the ones that want to say what to do with the money are the ones who weren’t around when the money was being either raised or made.”

     On Friday, March 16, N2K jump started their anniversary weekend with a meet and greet at Division 1 with down home cooking on behalf of the 1st Lady and wife of the president, Sherry.  It’s well known that Sherry’s cooking is the bomb and the food really didn’t last too long since it was on a buffet style first come, first serve basis. They received support from clubs such as S.L.A.P.A.H.O., Syde Swipaz, 3rd Coast Strokers, Hard Riders, B&S Ryders, Ironhorsemen, #1 Stunnas, Second II None (Houston), Kingz Angelz, M.A.F.I.A., Roots, Street Lords and many other Houston area clubs whom aren’t named. They even welcomed clubs from San Antonio, Texas. In the end, it was a nice turn out, but it was their anniversary party that really received the most support from the motorcycle community.
     The anniversary party was held at Occasions Banquet Hall in Humble, Texas where there
were performances by a local Houston area rap group named Official Team and Lyric, a female rapper/singer. It was ironic that most of Next To Kin members wore green along with their club attire being it was St. Patrick’s Day.

     BIG UPS to the Most Rep Club trophy winners, although it was a little confusing when the Hard Riders competed for both the Most Rep Male and Co-ed trophies, so in order to alleviate any confusion, N2K later gave H.O.T.T. a co-ed trophy as a token of appreciation for their support and also for reppin hard as always. That night, the Hard Riders were awarded the Most Rep Co-ed Club Trophy in the end. The ladies of G.L.O.W. took home the Most Rep Female Club trophy and the Houston Street Soldiers won the Most Rep Male Club trophy. The Cleanest Bike Contest was interesting as well. Hands down, the winners deserved their trophies for the best cruiser and best sport bike of the event. Congratulations to the “Kings of Swag” (Genesis 4:9) member, Harold aka "Big Jons" of Houston.  He and his bike won the trophy for the Baddest Cruiser on the lot and “Calli” of Street Soldiers won the Best Sport Bike Trophy with his “Blue Fire” winning bike. The Farthest Traveled Trophy was awarded to Rolls Royce of Cleveland, Ohio. Shout out to the members of Rolls Royce for making the hike all the way from Cleveland. That’s what you call road hogging!

     Next To Kin wanted to send a shout out to those that traveled from other cities to hang out with them for their big weekend. They support a wide range of clubs, organizations and events and they truly appreciate all of the support received during their anniversary. They also wanted to send a special thanks to all of the Houston area clubs that came out, those from the Kingwood area, Port Arthur, Beaumont, San Antonio, Tyler, Cleveland, and even the riders from Pasadena.  Next To Kin Riders appreciate all of the support from the entire motorcycle community. They look forward to celebrating their 4th anniversary in just the same.