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trewCongratulations to Tru Cons on successfully making it five years together as club.  This simply signifies they were able to defeat the odds most clubs seem to face because they're unable to exist more than two or three years.  Through it all, Tru Cons proudly say “We made it and it’s only the beginning for Tru Cons.”

Five years ago, before Tru Cons were established or even heard of, there was just a group of guys who happened to always ride together with one thing in common…Converse.  It was when Eli, the president of Tru Cons, and Taylor Made, vice president of Tru Cons, decided to form a club entered around their love of Chuck Taylors to eventually form Tru Cons.  Why did they choose the name Tru Cons and what does it mean?  TRU represents their devotion to Converse shoes to say they're TRUE to Converse... That’s exactly what you’ll find them wearing when they’re out ground pounding.  The word CON represents CONVERSE shoes, and today this is why they’re known as TRU CONS…They are TRU to their CONS!

Their name makes them somewhat unique, not to mention their swag-style.  Their Dickies attire along with their Converse has set a trend to be one of the first to sport such a smooth and clean way of representing their club in the Houston area motorcycle community.  From all of the members to even their children, spouses/significant others and even their mothers…They all rep hard and remain down for the cause.  

     Tru Cons aren’t just the men and women riders of the club, it’s a family, a tight knit unit…it’s a movement.  The members are required to wear Converse when riding, so if Converse ain’t your thang…Tru Cons can’t let you hang!  There’s the Lady Cons (Male Tru Con wives and significant others), Baby Cons (Children of Tru Con members), and Mama Cons (Mothers of Tru Con members).  Female Tru Con members are differentiated from the Lady Cons by means of their logo – Motorcycle and star for members and LC with a star for Lady Cons.  

     On Saturday, March 3, Tru Cons invited the motorcycle community to join them in celebrating their 5th anniversary at Paco Joe’s in Houston. More than 200 pre-sale tickets were sold and over 300 guests attended.  Clubs and independents supported the Tru Cons from Beaumont, Willis, Philadelphia, Kansas City and of course…Houston. There were two main trophies awarded to the most rep clubs of the evening – 1 for the most rep mc and 1 for the most rep social club.  Congratulations to H.O.T.T. and G.A.W. for the winning the two most rep trophies. It was a close call for H.O.T.T. because the Willis Chapter Street Lords barely missed winning the most rep MC trophy by only a few members. Tru Cons also acknowledged Dem Damn Thangs Social Club of Houston by awarding them with a plaque as a token of appreciation for their help with the Tru Cons Thanksgiving Food Drive in 2011.  Throughout the evening, there were two clubs that stood out all night long as the crunkest clubs of the event – H.O.T.T. and the Willis Chapter Street Lords. Lady Vampire (Willis Chapter Street Lord) took the crown as the crunkest individual as well.

     The celebration didn’t stop on Saturday night; they kept it going by hosting a Zydeco concert and Bike Show at Taylor’s of Houston. You already know what Zydeco band was in the house…Jerome Baptiste and the Zydeco Players. If you didn’t already know, Eli (President of Tru Cons) is the wash board percussionist for the band and has been for many years. Amongst the free food and Zydeco concert, there were also t-shirt giveaways on behalf of Tru Cons’ sponsor, Republic HD (located in Stafford, Texas). Also, there was a 50/50 raffle which totaled up to be over $140 as the prize amount.  The bike show had several categories such as the Best Sports Bike, Best Cruiser and Best Touring Bike, which was won by Greg Allan of Spring, Texas. Congratulations to all of the Bike Show category winners.
     Tru Cons definitely had a successful anniversary weekend and they thank all of their guests for their support. Also, they sent out a special thanks to their sponsor, Republic HD, for helping sponsor a portion of their anniversary weekend as their new sponsors. In the end, Tru Cons were pleased with the outcome of the entire weekend. Keep an eye out for what’s next with the Tru Cons. They have huge plans for the future and many more anniversaries to celebrate as well, but most importantly…Tru Cons plan to rock their Chucks until the end.