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M.O.B's 17th Anniversary Weekend
It’s ironic that there’s a pattern of three words surrounded by the word “OFF” to best description M.O.B.’s 17th Anniversary Weekend in May.  It was definitely “Off tha chain”, "Off tha reichter”, “Off tha hook”, “Officially throwed off”, and they fa sho
“Set it off”!  M.O.B. not only took the bike community to the bay, but they also took club anniversaries to a whole new level.  And even more ironic, after hosting their big weekend event …M.O.B. definitely has enough room to be able to say “Get on my level”, “Top this shit” or even better ...“Who you wit?”  M.O.B….Already!
What?!  Top this shit?  How and who are the questions.  Anyone that wants to try…They got some planning to doooooo!  M.O.B. hit this one on the dot and on a scale from 1 to 5; they get a 5½ for thinking out of the box, originality, and their fantastic hospitality.  Overall, this event was a combination of a vacation, club anniversary, frat party, and an over all funky good time. 
M.O.B. has been in the game for 17 years now and as one of the first sports bike clubs in the city, they’re still leading the show and setting the pace.  They’re known to host some of the most intense all out bashes, from Houston, Austin and now Webster, Texas ...It doesn’t matter where they go; they always end up stealing the show.  When you step into their arena, you already know it’s going to be a long night with crunk music, crowd jumping and non stop bottle popping.  Their events are eagerly anticipated, even other clubs look forward to hanging out and partying with M.O.B. …They don’t even look forward to hosting their own club anniversary this much.
In 2011, M.O.B. took over the Hilton Hotel in Houston with their 16th Anniversary for the “Don’t Blame It On The Alcohol” Weekend.  Although it was unlike most anniversary weekends of their peers, M.O.B. felt it was time change things up a little to keep the people guessing.  It was time to leave what was original at one time and let the rest of the people try to immitate what was already done and take it to a whole new level while the others continue to try to play catch up from last year’s event.  The decision was made to take it to the bay in Webster, Texas.

The celebration started with their signature Meet & Greet skating party at the Almeda Skating Rink in Houston.  Everyone went from riding 2’s to 4’s…on both feet.  It was a night filled with skating to music, mixing and mingling while getting full…on food and drink that is.  What was considered mellow and laid back to M.O.B. can be thought to be “the bomb” for the next, but it was only just beginning. 
After getting their skate on the night before, it was time to jump start Saturday’s agenda in Webster at the Hilton.  There’s something about the Hilton when it comes to M.O.B.  The two seem to collaborate wonderfully don’t you think?  The location was a perfect pool side area and a killer view of the bay to top it all off.  As you enter the hotel, people were lounging in the huge decked out lobby area.  On the outside, the entire back area of the hotel was facing the water with people hanging around the pool, people in the pool, people on the balcony looking down…People everywhere!
Several yards over to the left side, people were lined up and waiting to board the party boat which took groups of guests on a mini cruise around the bay.  When M.O.B. said they were taking it to the bay, they literally took it there…On the bay and in the bay better said.  Ask anyone that had the chance to board the party boat…they’d say it was “Off tha chain” and “Out of control”.  People boarded the boat walking straight and got off walking sideways.  Those in line waiting to board were probably saying…”Damn what happened on that boat?”  And only those on the party boat can answer that question.  When the boat sailed off, it became an “anything goes and who knows” type of party.  For the entire hour, guests had access to a bartender who served an unlimited amount of drinks.  Can you say “tipsy” and “throwed” because that’s the only way to describe how it went down.  There was Grey Goose and Patron, dancing on the pole…well on a pole in the middle of the boat that happened to be there, and some things that don’t even need to be said.  As said in Vegas…"What goes down on the party boat stays on the party boat."  Enough said, so …NEXT!
Back at pool, there were guests from all areas of Texas, including several other states.  There were people representing Houston of course, Dallas, Austin, Freeport, San Antonio, Beaumont, Killeen, La Marque, San Antonio and so on.  But not only was Texas in the house deep, the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, California and Washington State had their share of representation.  When M.O.B. hollered “Who U Wit”, the whole nation was there to say ...“M.O.B.”!  It was crazy.  If people weren’t hanging out on the balcony, then they were cutting up near the pool dancing while DJ Grimey laid the tracks or taking shots from M.O.B.’s ice sculpture.  As said once before, it was “Off tha chain”!
Later the bikini contest popped off with several ladies on the spot to win $200 in cash.  This contest wasn’t a petty ole trophy giveaway; these ladies had to work for the first place cash prize.  After all the excitement, booty poppin’ and droppin’, the first place prize went to a Show Stopper from Killeen, TX.  Picking a winner had to be a hard decision because those ladies brought the heat with scolding temperatures.  From hand stands to “droppin it like it’s hot”…You name it, they took over the party with all eyes center stage.  Even the most devoted minister would have struggled not to look at all this action.
Later on that night, it was on one again in the Hilton ballroom for the anniversary party.  To start things off right, the ladies were treated to a shot of Grey Goose or Patron before entering the ballroom.  And that shot glass…You already know it was M.O.B.’s gift to their guests.  So if you collect shot glasses, then a custom M.O.B. shot glass can be added to your collection.  DJ Action Pack was on the tracks and cutting it up.  From wall to wall, people packed the ballroom.  On one end, the mechanical bull was bucking people off and putting them on their asses and on the other end, people were on the dance floor and dancing in cages like go-go dancers.  What kind of party would it be without at least one M.O.B. member jumping into the crowd?  So you know that had to happen to officially make it an M.O.B. party!  Towards the end of the night, trophies were handed out to the Most Rep Clubs and the Farthest Traveled.  Congratulations to the Street Soldiers for Most Rep Male Club, G.L.O.W. for Most Rep Female Club and the Most Rep Co-ed Club trophy went to Hard Core Riders of Dallas, Texas.  Big Ups to the Farthest Traveled trophy winner who made the trip all the way from Seattle, Washington and the Most Rep Social Club trophy winners – R.E.A.L. Ladies of Houston, TX.
Once the clock hit 2 a.m., the anniversary party ended and the after party was just beginning.  You didn’t think it was over at 2 a.m. did you?  Not at a M.O.B. party…They party all night long until the crack of dawn.  If you were done at 2 a.m., then it’s clear that you can’t hang with them boys of M.O.B.
The weekend celebration ended on Sunday with “Seafood Sunday” at the Crab Shack with Dj Grimey once again on the tracks.  Before it officially ended, M.O.B. members were presented with awards of appreciation for their dedication and for going above and beyond as M.O.B. members.  The members that received this award were “Chicken Hawk”, “Sweat”, ”Tailor Made” and “JaRu”.  Big Ups to all these members!
M.O.B. would like to thank everyone for their support and for helping make their weekend a success.  As always, look forward to next year’s anniversary weekend…There’s no telling what they’ll have in store.  M.O.B. closed by saying, “If you thought this year was off tha chain, then wait until next year.  It’s going to be bigger and better! You know how we do!  Who u Wit?”