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     neIt was a Black and Green Affair at Necie RaShae aka 5 Starr’s Birthday Bash at Club Divus in Houston.  Necie made sure TBM didn’t miss the celebration and we were definitely in the house to catch all of the action. 


     5 Starr is well known in the motorcycle community because of her winning smile and friendly personality.  She’s an active member of the Houston Chapter Down Az Ridaz as the business manager as well as the First Lady, so it’s easy to understand why her birthday party was a Black and Green Affair.

     It’s not uncommon to find 5 Starr at a bike event looking her best after arriving on her bike.  She’s one of those females who rides because she truly enjoys it, not because it’s a requirement.  She upholds her motorcycle club to the highest regard, takes the necessary measures to maintain safe riding, and respects her peers to the fullest…That is exactly why she’s respected in return. 

     There are a few words that best summarize 5 Starr – Diverse, Independent, Loyal and Well Rounded.  She’s an active model, business owner and a devoted mother and wife.  And let's not forget...She's A DOWN AZ RIDA!

     For starters, 5 STARR is TBM’s June 2011 Biker Babe of the Month.  She’s an independent model who’s actively accepting bookings for fashion modeling and editorial modeling.  She has worked with Quatre Modeling of Dallas and has also modeled for several designers such as Reyne by Rachel, Revamped by the Boutique and Glam Boutique.  She has been the host of several events such as First Out Entertainment, Hot TV and even co-hosted TBM’s edited video featuring the Swipa Awards & Scholarship Gala in 2011.  She has appeared and even starred in several music videos for artists such as King Tut.  Currently, she is one of the main characters in the H-Town music video featuring their latest come back single “#1 Friend”.

     With 5 Starr’s busy schedule, numerous modeling opportunities and her businesses…It was only right that she took a little time away from her busy life to celebrate her 37th birthday.  From head to toe, she had it all together with her green and black outfit to her priceless look and smile.  The bike community, along with her friends, family and associates, were invited to help make it an unforgetable night.  Although there were at least six other bike events scheduled on the date of her birthday party in Texas... from Austin, Tyler, Houston, and several riders even traveled out of the state to Arizona for the Checkered Flag Run.  Amongst the many guests, there were several clubs represented solo style – Black Pearl & Slimme Goodie of H.O.T.T. and Cali of Desolation Angels were just a few on the list.

     Necie gave words of expression and thanks to those who were able to attend her party.  She said, “Thanks to everyone who took the time out to make it.  I know there were a lot of other events happening.  I appreciate all of you and I’m truly thankful.  I want to send a special thanks to my Down Az family and the Houston #1 Stunnas.”

     If you happened to miss hanging out with 5 Starr at her birthday party, then best believe there will be numerous opportunities available in the future.  Check out her personal website at