Kingz Angelz still going strong 5 years later...
Kingz Angelz celebrated their 5th Anniversary with an all out bash with support from the who’s who of the Houston Motorcycle Community.  Kingz Angelz didn’t reach this point easily, they had to go through a few trials and tribulations, the loss of a few members and some other miscellaneous situations many other clubs endure to eventually overcome 
all of the negative hear say from their haters and have the ability to finally say “We’re still here when it was said we wouldn’t last…So now what?”  Kingz Angelz is definitely here and here to stay and it’s only the beginning to what’s in store in the future.  They focus most of their time on unifying their families by hosting more family oriented gatherings.  It's important that all of their members know each other's spouses and even children.  That's how Kingz Angelz define the meaning of a real family.


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During their anniversary celebration, TBM’s June 2011 Biker Dude and KA member, King Rowdy, kept the party crunk and hype all night as he mingled through the crowd while on the mic.  KA also welcomed a new member to their family.  They officially vested Boss Lady to make her ka5the newest member.  Every guest was given a ticket to have the opportunity to win prizes such as an IPad, Xbox 360 and an MP3 player.  Most rep trophies were awarded to M.O.B. for Most Rep Male Club, Street FX (Houston Chapter) for Co-ed, andbossDyme Peece for Most Rep Female Club.  The farthest traveled trophy was awarded to “Teddy Bear”, a member of Wild Bunch from Ohio.  All of their guests were able to enjoy free food including and cake, custom KA bags, great company and jamming music all night long.
Congratulations to Kingz Angelz for reaching their 5th year club anniversary and also congrats to Boss Lady on becoming an official vested member of Kingz Angelz.  Kingz Angelz proved their haters wrong five years later, so just imagine where they'll be in the next five years!  They're at the top of their game, so when you're looking to find KA...You better get used to looking up.