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The PRO Convention was attended by thousands of interested club members who represented hundreds of clubs from all over the nation.  TBM had the opportunity to sit in on one of the most important sessions of the convention - the president and vice president class on how to correctly lead a motorcycle club and lead by example.   There was a panel of speakers from various motorcycle clubs such as Outcast, Regulators, Hurricane Biker Girls, #1 Stunnas and Da Mob amongst a few others.  Each speaker took turns relaying advice and tips for the audience of club leaders.  A few speakers were bold and unafraid to say exactly how they felt.  In one instance a speak gave his spin on things.  His answer was plain, simple and straight to the point.  He said "If you're ****ed up, then you're club will be ****ed up."  Check out a few more points given duing the president & vp class.

  • Presidents should not be over any club money.  That role is designated for the club treasurer.
  • A good president is honest, fair, unbiased and consistent.  These are qualities a president should have.
  • A president should be able to perform and know the duties of all club positions.  It’s impossible to know when a position is being carried out if the duties are unknown to that president.
  • Know the club bylaws and be able to repeat them upon demand.  Know which article each bylaw falls under and the repercussions if violated.  A president should know their bylaws like the back of their hand.
  • A president should not handle any type of disputes.  This the duty of the Sgt at Arms.  They are considered the muscle of the club.
  • Be sure to call ahead when traveling to get clearance on colors.  Know each city or state’s protocol and motorcycle laws before traveling out of your city or state.
  • One member can represent a club.  Stop head counting.  There could be a valid reason why only one member was present.
  • Don't sleep with your prospects, club members or members' spouses.  It can cause issues within the club.
  • A president should always continue learning.  Don't feel like you know it all.  Continue getting educated.
  • A president should be educated in protocol in order to teach their members.  It's would be hard to teach what's not known.
  • The president works for the club.  The club doesn't work for the president.  A club should not be ran as a dictatorship meaning the president shouldn't make decision without the club.


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