J-Smooth of the 3rd Coast Strokers


TBM selected Jason "J Smooth" Hayes as the 2010 January Biker Dude of the Month! "J Smooth" is the sargent at arms for the club 3rdCoast Strokers of Houston. Get to know more about "J Smooth" and the 3rd Coast Strokers by requesting him as a friend in the TBM community, so search for the username J Smooth 3rd Coast.  Look forward to viewing more pictures of "J Smooth" throughout January.


"TL" was selected as December's TBM Biker Dude of the Month. "TL" is both a founding
member and the president of the motorcycle club Biker Boyz/Biker Babez of Houston.
Don't be surprised to see "TL'' on his Busa showing us how the pros should do it.



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