The people voted and they selected Charliehustle as the 2010 April Biker Dude of the Month.
Charliehustle is currently a TRU CON prospect from Houston.  If you want to know more about
Charliehustle, request him as a friend in the TBM COMMUNITY.


The votes were submitted and calculated!  According to the TBM members and website visitors, they selected J-Holiday of the Houston Chapter #1 Stunnas as the March Biker Dude of the Month.  J-Holiday is known as a man with little to say, but straight to the point when asked.  His unique style is what sets this #1 Stunna apart from the average male.  The quote he lives by is:  “Don't let the smooth taste fool you, I role like a BOSS!”


TBM searched for the February 2010 Biker Dude of the Month and selected "Slim" of Houston.  Slim is the

President of the Bike Club -  Street Loyalty of Houston.  Get to know Slim by requesting him as a friend in the

TBM community.