The TBM voters selectged "Sonya" of the 3rd Coast Strokers as their April 2010 Biker Babe.  Sonya is a founding member as well as the secretary for the 3rd Coast Strokers.   Find out more about Sonya by adding her as your friend in the TBM COMMUNITY with the username "motorcycle slim".




 The TBM members, as well as website visitors, submitted their votes and selected Black Kat as the March Biker Babe of the Month.  Black Kat is a member of the 3rd Coast Strokers where she holds the position of P.R.O.   Her personality is said to be easy going and down to earth, especially when you get to know her.  If you haven't had a conversation with Black Kat, then you're missing out on knowing a true and genuine friend.  The motto she lives by is:  “Don't let people dictate your life, because tomorrow is not promised!  Do what YOU do!  DO YOU!”


TBM selected "Skitlz" as the February 2010 Biker Babe of the Month.  Skitlz is treasurer for the
Brazoria County Female Bike Club - Dyme Peece Riderz.  Locate Skitlz in the TBM community and
request her as your friend.