The community selected Neu X2 of Killeen as the February Biker Babe of the Month. 
Neu X2 is the secretary for the Killeen #1 Stunnas.  Look forward to finding out more
about Neu X2 in just a few weeks with an interview and Q&A.  Let Neu Neu know what
you think about her photos by leaving a message on herprofile page wall in the com-
munity  and be sure to request her friendship.
 Texas Biker Magazine’s February Biker Babe of the Month – NEU X2.


The TBM voters selected "Julia "Jellybean" Baltimore as their Biker Babe of the Month.  "Jellybean" is an independent rider that looks for any reason to hit the highway.  Find out more about "Jellybean" by adding her as your friend in the TBM COMMUNITY.

Photography by Erik Williams





The TBM voters selected
"Top Model" of Street FX MC
as their December Biker Babe of the Month.  
by adding her as your friend in the