The community selected "Kali" of College Station as the July 2011 Biker Babe of the Month.  Check out a few photos from her Biker Babe photo shoot photographed by D. Childs.  Look forward to learning more about TBM's July Biker Babe of the Month – "Kali" of College Station!
Photography by D. Childs



The community selected 5 STARR of Houston as the June Biker Babe of the Month.
5 STARR is the secretary for Houston's DownAz Ridaz.   Let 5 STARR know what
you think about her photos by leaving a message on her profile page wall in the com-
munity  and be sure to request her friendship.
Texas Biker Magazine’s June Biker Babe of the Month – 5 STARR.