TEXAS BIKER MAGAZINE’s Biker Dude/Babe of the Month is nominated and elected by TBM’s registered members.  Only those candidates with the required qualifications will be allowed to run and be elected Biker Dude and Biker Babe of the Month.  Each candidate must have all of the five (5) requirements listed below:


  • Must own and ride a motorcycle.  Person must be able to ride their motorcycle at the time of the election.  Motorcycles that are in the shop for any reason are not acceptable.
  • Must be a registered member of TexasBikerMagazine.com for at least 30 days.
  • Must have at least 70% of their profile or background information completed on their profile page.  This information includes:  ABOUT ME, type of bike, location, etc.
  • Must have at least fifty (50) confirmed friends on TBM.
  • Must have a valid profile picture displayed on your page.  Photo must clearly show your face and remain unblocked by a helmet or any other items.  Profile pictures such as logos, motorcycles, celebrities, or any other photos that does not display your true identity are all unacceptable profile pictures.


Once a person has all of the necessary requirements, then they will be eligible to be nominated as one of the candidates running in the indicated election.  A person has the freedom to either nominate someone or simply nominate themself.  Submit nominations by using one of the following methods:

  • Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Call us at 1-888-9TX-BIKER


When submitting your nomination, please provide at least two (2) of the following regarding the nominee:

  • Nominee’s contact number
  • Nominee’s email address used on TBM
  • Nominee’s username
  • Nominee’s biker name or nickname
  • Nominee’s birth name
  • Nominee’s club name (if applicable)

The more information provided, the more likely to locate your nominated person's profile on TBM. If we are unable to locate the nominee with the information given, then we will need to contact the person that submitted the nomination for more info. Basically, it is important that the staff evaluates the profile of the person being nominated in order to validate whether or not the person qualifies.

Once a person is nominated, the nominee’s name is placed on TBM’s NOMINEE WAITING LIST to be evaluated for all of the requirements.  If a nominee is missing any of the necessary requirements, they will be contacted about the requirements they are missing.  The nominee’s name will remain on the TBM NOMINEE WAITING LIST until the missing requirements are completely fulfilled.  This process may explain why a nominee may enter an election before another nominee that has been on the TBM NOMINEE WAITING LIST for a longer period of time.  The nominee with all of the requirements will enter an election first, regardless of the nominee’s length of time on the TBM NOMINEE WAITING LIST.

When a nominee is taken off of the TBM NOMINEE WAITING LIST and entered into an upcoming election, the nominee will be contacted to accept their nomination as a nominee in the next election.  Once the nominee accepts their nomination, the nominee officially becomes one of the candidates in the next election.  

The nominee has accepted their nomination, now it’s time to prepare all of the nominees for the election.  Each nominee will be contacted individually in order to give all of the election details. All information is communicated to each nominee separately, yet within the same manner to all nominees.  It is important that all nominees receive the same information before the polls are opened.   


  • Only TBM registered members are allowed to submit votes.  If a person is NOT a registered member and would like to submit their votes, then simply GET REGISTERED on TexasBikerMagazine.com to gain access to the voting polls.
  • Each registered member is allowed to submit only one (1) Biker Dude vote and only one (1) Biker Babe vote.
  • Each person must log on to www.TexasBikerMagazine.com by using their username and password.
  • Each registered member MUST be logged on to the website in order to access the voting poll. Once logged in, each registered member will be able to see the voting poll, which will be located on the HOME page of TBM.
  • Voting is open to anyone from all over the world as long as the person is a TBM registered member.
  • All votes can be submitted by using a standard PC or laptop computer.
  • Votes are NOT guaranteed via mobile phones. If anyone has problems submitting votes from a standard PC or laptop computer, then the TBM staff should be contacted immediately.
  • If a person has problems submitting votes from a mobile phone, then the person needs to get on a standard PC or laptop computer to submit their votes.
  • Only contact the TBM staff for problems submitting votes on standard PC’s or laptop computers.  DO NOT CONTACT THE TBM STAFF FOR PROBLEMS IF SUBMITTING MOBILE PHONE VOTES!  MOBILE PHONES ARE NOT A GUARANTEED METHOD OF SUBMITTING VOTES!!


If a person is having problems submitting votes, then there are two (2) questions that should be asked before contacting the TBM staff:

  1. Is the person logged in?  If not, then the person will not be able to see the voting poll until logged in.  The voting poll can be found on TBM’s HOME page once logged in.
  2. Is the person voting from a mobile phone?  If so, then the person needs to go to a standard PC or laptop computer to submit their votes.


If the problem still remains, then contact the us using one of the following:


  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Call: 1-888-9TX-BIKER

It is important that each voter have the opportunity to submit their votes, but also it's just as important that the nominee receive all of their votes.