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Monday, 27 February 2012 12:17

Kingz Angelz make it to year #5...

Kingz Angelz still going strong 5 years later...
Kingz Angelz celebrated their 5th Anniversary with an all out bash with support from the who’s who of the Houston Motorcycle Community.  Kingz Angelz didn’t reach this point easily, they had to go through a few trials and tribulations, the loss of a few members and some other miscellaneous situations many other clubs endure to eventually overcome 


The Street Soldiers Rep at KA's Anniversary Party


PEEP THA SCENE at Kingz Angelz 5th Anniversary Party at Chateau Krystale on Saturday, February 18.  In this photo, the Street Soldiers proudly represent as the Most Rep winners were being decided at Kingz Angelz Anniversary Party.  Even though Street Soldiers didn't win the Most Rep trophy, they still had enough members to at least compete for the trophy.  For more photos from Kingz Angelz Anniversary Party, check them out in the Foto Gallery. 

Sunday, 26 February 2012 22:35

HOT SPOT: Riders Republic RC


Riders Republic is a riding club from Texas City that was started in 2010 which consists of a group of guys who share the love of simply riding as well as being a part of the motorcycle scene and culture.  They don’t discriminate against any makes or models of motorcycles.  Although Riders Republic is currently a riding club, it is their future goal to become a legitimate motorcycle club through the proper channels of approval.  Overall, Riders Republic is all about the enjoyment of riding, supporting each other along with their community, supporting other motorcycle events, and hosting their own events and functions.  This photo features two key members of Riders Republic taken at Kingz Angelz Anniversary Party on Saturday, February 18 – (lt) “Pops” (treasurer) and (rt) “Jimmy D” (president).  For more information about Riders Republic RC, check out their website at www.RidersRepublicRC.com.  Riders Republic is in the HOT SPOT.

Friday, 24 February 2012 05:09

Blast from the Past: 5th Ward Wayne & Neu X2

BLAST from the PAST


2011 February Biker Dude & Biker Babe 


The BLAST from the PAST photos feature the 2011 February Biker Dude & Biker Babe of the Month - Fifth Ward Wayne & Neu X2. Both were elected byTBM's audience members as the 2011 February Biker Dude and Biker Babe.  Fifth Ward Wayne is currently a member of Second II None - Houston Chapter and Neu X2 is a member of the #1 Stunna - Killeen Chapter.  Fifth Ward Wayne & Neu Neu are TBM's BLAST from the PAST.
Sunday, 15 January 2012 10:31

Nominate your Biker Dude/Babe candidates

The process of nominating and electing Texas Biker Magazine’s monthly Biker Dude and Biker Babe depends solely on our audience members each month.  In order to win TBM’s Biker Dude/Babe crown, a person must first be nominated to receive the opportunity to run in the election. Below, a few details have be provided about the rules and the nomination process.

Nomination Details
 -Anyone can nominate a person to run in the monthly Biker Dude/Babe election.
 -A person may nominate either themselves or someone else.
-Once a person is nominated, their name is placed on a list in the order of their nomination.
-The first three eligible Biker Dudes/Babes are selected from the list starting from the  beginning.
-Once a person is on the list, they will remain on the list until notified.  There is no need to submit another nomination.
-There aren’t any restrictions in regards to members of clubs and independents.  Independent riders are welcome to run.
-If any requirements are missing, then the nomination will not be accepted.
-All nominees must have all of the following requirements listed below in order to run for Biker Dude/Babe of the Month.

Biker Dude/Babe Requirements
 -Must own and ride a motorcycle
-Must be a member of TBM for at least 30 days
-Must have at least 70% of profile page information completed
-Must have a profile picture displayed on profile page
-Must have at least 50 confirmed friends on TBM

Submit your nominations by clicking Submit my Nomination.

Sunday, 06 November 2011 16:32

Glam's Shoe Collection


Monday, 10 October 2011 15:24



"Show 'em what you working with"

Check out the STRIKE-A-POSE photo of Black Kat and her club brother, Da Wiggla, as they get it crunk at her 40th Birthday Bash Saturday night at Vincenzo's in Houston.  

Monday, 10 October 2011 14:38



These are the TOP 30 MOST VIEWED PHOTO ALBUMS from January 1, 2011 until September 30, 2011.  Last month, there was a slight error with the list given before being it was the TOP 10 MOST VIEWED PHOTO ALBUMS for the entire month of August 2011.  In that list, Down Az Ridaz lead with the most views.  Check out who's at the top for January 1, 2011 through September 30, 2011.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012 10:14

Greedy Stealing from the Needy

Dear Road Dawg,


"I have been noticing a lot of individuals and clubs devoting their time to helping those in need.  This is a positive thing, but at the same time I am wondering how much of these donations are really being sent in the end.  How would I find out if the money collected is being sent to these charities?"




"The greedy stealing from the needy"

Saturday, 16 July 2011 08:06

GET TO KNOW.......Goddess Jey

May 2011 Biker Babe - GODDESS JEY
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