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Tuesday, 19 June 2012 06:11

GROUP PAGE BLAST: Secret Service Riders of Austin

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Get Linked in with Seret Service Riders of ATXsese

Secret Service Riders is a family of diverse riders, dedicated to establishing and maintaining a positive image in the motorcycle community, by placing emphasis on safety, community involvement, working with and for charitable organizations and supporting our fellow riders. They promote safe family and community oriented activities by showing leadership and respect to one another.  Check out their group page in the COMMUNITY to learn more about this Austin club of riders - Secret Service Riders.


Tuesday, 19 June 2012 05:37

TBM MEMBER BLAST: Rome of Houston

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Meet one of TBM's Members - Rome of Houston, TXrome

Are you already friends with Rome in the COMMUNITY?  If not, then what are you waiting on?  In the COMMUNITY, his username is RomeBusaRider.  Request Rome's friendship and become friends with someone new.  According to Rome's profile information, he currently rides a 2007 Suzuki Hyabusa and he's also a  Regulator prospect at this point in time.  Rome is also a professional photography with many years of photography experience.  So if you're searching for a photographer, then Rome's your man.  Browse through a few of Rome's personal photos in his profile page to get a glimpse at some of his work. TBM encourages you to leave Rome a message or post a comment on his wall to begin your journey of friendship.  Check out Rome's profile page.  
Monday, 05 March 2012 09:17

PEEP THA SCENE: Celebration of Life Ride

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PEEP THA SCENE at the Celebration of Life Ride on Saturday, March 3 in Austin, Texas.  These pictures show the hundreds of riders who participated in this remarkable memorial ride.  The ride went through the hill country to end at Woods Fun Center which happened to take a little over 2 hours to complete.  There were hundreds of people in attendance to celebrate the lives of the 14 fallen riders from 2011.  This is what you call unity at its best! 


Sunday, 26 February 2012 22:43

Peep tha Scene: Kingz Angelz Anniversary Party

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The Street Soldiers Rep at KA's Anniversary Party


PEEP THA SCENE at Kingz Angelz 5th Anniversary Party at Chateau Krystale on Saturday, February 18.  In this photo, the Street Soldiers proudly represent as the Most Rep winners were being decided at Kingz Angelz Anniversary Party.  Even though Street Soldiers didn't win the Most Rep trophy, they still had enough members to at least compete for the trophy.  For more photos from Kingz Angelz Anniversary Party, check them out in the Foto Gallery. 

Sunday, 26 February 2012 22:35

HOT SPOT: Riders Republic RC

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Riders Republic is a riding club from Texas City that was started in 2010 which consists of a group of guys who share the love of simply riding as well as being a part of the motorcycle scene and culture.  They don’t discriminate against any makes or models of motorcycles.  Although Riders Republic is currently a riding club, it is their future goal to become a legitimate motorcycle club through the proper channels of approval.  Overall, Riders Republic is all about the enjoyment of riding, supporting each other along with their community, supporting other motorcycle events, and hosting their own events and functions.  This photo features two key members of Riders Republic taken at Kingz Angelz Anniversary Party on Saturday, February 18 – (lt) “Pops” (treasurer) and (rt) “Jimmy D” (president).  For more information about Riders Republic RC, check out their website at www.RidersRepublicRC.com.  Riders Republic is in the HOT SPOT.

Friday, 24 February 2012 05:09

Blast from the Past: 5th Ward Wayne & Neu X2

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BLAST from the PAST


2011 February Biker Dude & Biker Babe 


The BLAST from the PAST photos feature the 2011 February Biker Dude & Biker Babe of the Month - Fifth Ward Wayne & Neu X2. Both were elected byTBM's audience members as the 2011 February Biker Dude and Biker Babe.  Fifth Ward Wayne is currently a member of Second II None - Houston Chapter and Neu X2 is a member of the #1 Stunna - Killeen Chapter.  Fifth Ward Wayne & Neu Neu are TBM's BLAST from the PAST.
Wednesday, 22 February 2012 09:33

TBM presents BIKER's SUNDAY @ Fox Den 3D

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Get ready for BIKER's SUNDAY on Sunday, February 26Texas Biker Magazine will be hosting a bike Sunday social at the Fox Den 3D Bar & Grill.  If you remember TBM’s Happy Hour Social, then you know exactly what’s in store on this Sunday…It’s a day of laughter, hanging out and socializing while enjoying a few drinks with a little added fun to make it even better than before.  Come hang out with the staff of TBM , other riders and hopefully meet someone new! It's from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m., so get ready.



Fox Den 3D is located in Pearland at 9719 Broadway Street being the first 3D bar and grill in Houston, Texas.  They have a mechanical bull, outside patio withCapture2 it’s own bar, and let’s not forget the beer tower.


MOST REP TROPHY awarded to the social, riding or motorcycle club with the most members.  Each club member needs to wear appropriate representation according to each club’s attire.  Social clubs may not have vests or colors, but each member should represent in the same manner.


TASTE THE “CLUTCH POPPER by taste testing three different mixed drinks to select which drink will inherit the name “CLUTCH POPPER”.  Should the “CLUTCH POPPER” have a fruity taste, strong and potent taste or a smooth and refreshing taste?  It’s up to you, so bring your taste buds and get ready to help decide.


bullBUCKING BULL CONTEST to see who can ride the mechanical bull the longest.  Who will be named the BADDEST BRONCO-BUSTING BIKER?  Whoever rides the bull the longest will hold the title every Sunday until someone beats their time.


APPRECIATION ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS will be given to clubs for their contributions to the MC community and also to bikers for their individual support to TBM, so if you feel this may be you or your club then your presence is requested because there’s no need to contact you before hand because your actions will tell it all.  TBM appreciates their supporters.


CALLING ALL BIKER DUDES & BIKER BABES!   Bring your sexiest pose, babes throw on those heels and get ready to take photos both individually and as a group.  Once again we would like to give each of you photo shoots as the crowd wows you.


Click HERE to view the flyer.


Saturday, 18 February 2012 14:35

HOT SPOT: Pretty Girl

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pretty_girl"This pretty girl is a DYME!"


Check out who has the TOP SPOT on LOCK...It's Alicia "Pretty Girl" Williams of Freeport, Texas.  Pretty Girl is the PRO for the all female motorcycle club Dyme Peece of Freeport.  Dyme Peece is on top of their game because they were selected as the Club of the Year at the Swipa Awards in 2011.  This photo featuring Pretty Girl was taken at the 2011 Houston MC Clothing Drive in Houston.  On April 7, try to meet Pretty Girl for yourself at Dyme Peece's 3rd Annual Bike Wash in Houston at O'Reilly's Auto Parts located on Griggs Rd.  Pretty Girl is in the HOT SPOT! 


Friday, 17 February 2012 11:49


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onetime“This Biker Dude is H.O.T.T. and on FIRE”


Check out TBM’s STRIKE A POSE photo featuring ONETIME of Houston, Texas.  ONETIME is the Vice President of the Houston Chapter of H.O.T.T. as well as TBM’s December 2010 Biker Dude of the Month.  This photo was taken at H.O.T.T.’s Hollywood Red Carpet 2nd Anniversary Party and it’s the perfect background for ONETIME to STRIKE A POSE.  ONETIME is on TBM’s STRIKE A POSE!

Friday, 10 February 2012 00:45

Blast from the Past: Skitlz & Slim

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IMG_2528IMG_2446Here are two BLAST FROM THE PAST photos featuring  Slim and Skitlz. Slim and Skitlz are the February 2010 Biker Dude and Biker Babe of the Month. Slim is an independent rider and Skitlz is a member of the all female club Dyme Peece of Freeport, Texas.  Slim and Skitlz... on BLAST FROM THE PAST.
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