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Friday, 23 November 2012 22:37

From the outside looking in...

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Submitted by “Trail Mix”


“Some say bikers are scary, others say they are violent.  Some say they’re bad news when others say they are Exciting.  But what do you really know about them when you hear the word BIKERS.  I picture motorcycles for one, men with tattoos and leather jackets, hot girls with bikinis on, unbelievable parties, etc.  But then you have another side with gang fights, accidents and people getting hurt and people dying!  As a kid, I thought motorcycles were cool and I eventually grew up wanting my own.  Some end up buying motorcycles just for the fun of it just to show off and some end up joining a motorcycle club not knowing what they’re getting into.  In other words, I feel there are two different types of bikers - those that have respect for others, have fun, got love for one another and love to party.  Then there are those that have no respect, steal, they look all grimy…they’re pretty much pirates on motorcycles.  Oh… and they like to party hard as well.  Now, the ones that have fun simply treat it like a hobby.  I mean… I don’t know much, but if I had my own club, we would be all about having fun.  Some riders do it for the thrill and the excitement of riding.  Others do it for the freedom of roaming the world stress free.  If I were a biker, I would do it for a little a bit of all these reasons.  I think I have a pretty good view of bikers from my own point of view.  Some would probably say I’m all confused, but it’s my own interpretation of how I see things.  Some people need to know that before they go out and buy a bike, they need to make sure it’s what they really want for all the right reasons.  They should know how to really ride their bike and control it to the fullest.  Those that like motorcycles just love them.  Yeah, they’re dangerous to an extent and a lot of accidents happen, but that comes with the territory.  It still doesn’t stop me from wanting my own motorcycle in the future.  So, when they day happens, count me in as one of those bikers that does it just for the fun of it.”

Tuesday, 17 July 2012 16:36

Phake, Phoney & Phucked Up

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liarIn the biker community, we all consider ourselves family for the most part, whether it being in a club, a fellow biker or a supporter of bikers. Family is who you're supposed to be able to depend on or go to for guidance for help in good and in bad times. The portrait is believed to be painted in happiness with little sorrow, but it doesn't always come across that way.

Monday, 16 May 2011 13:42

He Wants It All....

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A letter to my sisters...

All the single ladies, All the single ladies, All the single ladies Put your hands up…  If you’re sexy and you know it clap your hands… If you’re an independent woman holla uhhhhhhhh.
Women are often given commands to express their identity.  Instructions to bring awareness of their sexuality and strength.  Mama gave the instruction to get a man who loves you more so you can always have his heart.