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Wednesday, 25 January 2012 05:06

Blast from the Past: Black Ice & Top Model

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Photos were randomly selected from our past Biker Dudes and Biker Babes and posted as TBM's BLAST FROM THE PAST.  The photos selected feature TBM's May 2010 Biker Dude of the Month, Black Ice of Houston, Texas and TBM's August 2010 Biker Babe, Top Model of Houston.  Black Ice is the PRO for the Syde Swipaz and Top Model is currently an independent rider.  Black Ice's photos were taken during his Biker Dude photo shoot and Top Model's photos were taken at TBM's Social Sunday at the Horn by Daphne of Houston, Texas.  Black Ice and Top Model are TBM's Blast from the Past photos of the week.  Click on their photos below to check out more of their pictures. 

image5     topmod
Tuesday, 24 January 2012 09:18

Who's On 2's: Nonstop

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"Damn...Is that a chic burning out?"
She can write your name in the pavement better than you can write your own name!  She's BAD AS HELL and there aren't too many females that can out ride this chic. How often do you find a lady burning out like this?  Probably.... hardly NEVER!  Check out this cold chic named NONSTOP from Houston, Texas.  Nonstop is a member of the Houston Chapter #1 Stunnas.  This photo of Nonstop was taken at Twinkie's Birthday Bash with the Houston Motorcycle Community at Diallo's in Houston.  This may be your first time seeing a female turn it out on 2's, but as long as Nonstop is around....It definitely won't be the last.   Who's on 2's...Nonstop of Houston.  


Friday, 20 January 2012 14:41

TBM's HOT LIST: Moto Militia

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motomilitiaCheck out the latest club on TBM's HOT LIST ...MOTO MILITIA of Houston, Texas. Moto Militia was started in 2008 by Moose, the Founder and President of the NW Chapter.  What does the Moto Militia mean?  The word “Moto” is short for “motorcycle” and “Militia” is their selected definition meaning “a group of able-bodied people united together without prejudice except for a cause.”  Moto Militia was eventually sanctioned as an approved Motorcycle Club by the Confederation of Clubs (COC) in 2011.  It was important to reach their status the correct way by taking the right steps for approval.  Today, Moto Militia has doubled in numbers and has since started a second chapter which is undergoing these same steps for approval.


Moto Militia welcomes a wide variety of makes and models of motorcycles such as American and metric sports bikers and cruisers at least 600cc or greater.  Their club is family oriented and they are dedicated to supporting each other as well as others in the motorcycle community.  They also support their local community and take party in local charity endeavors as well.  Not only are they supporters of the COC, but they are also supporters of the American Motorcycle Association as well.  Moto Militia is on TBM's HOT LIST...
Friday, 20 January 2012 11:14

GET TO KNOW: Waverly & Shanno

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GET TO KNOW...The President & VP of the Houston Hard Riders


Meet the leaders of the Houston Chapter Hard Riders, (lt) Shannon “Shanno” Mayfield, Vice President of the Hard Riders and (rt) Waverly Nolley, President of the Hard Riders.  This photo of Shanno and Waverly was taken in December 2011 at their Annual Christmas Party in Houston, Texas.  If you’re looking for a marketing solution or a motorcycle accident lawyer, these two Hard Riders are exactly what you’re looking for.  Shanno owns Mayfield Marketing which specializes in marketing events and businesses and Waverly is recognized to many as “The Motorcycle Lawyer” from the Law Offices of Waverly R. Nolley.  He and his associates are skillful lawyers whom specialize in a wide range of areas.  GET TO KNOW the President and VP of the Houston Chapter Hard Riders.


Friday, 20 January 2012 01:52

BETC Itinerary

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                   BETC ITINERARY               
Thursday, 19 January 2012 17:40

ON LOCATION: TBM at the PRO Covention in Atlanta

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atlanta2TExas Bikers hold it down in the ATL  RE-CAP

On January 6, 2012 TBM’s Big Sweeny, Twinkie and Glam rolled out on Interstate-10 bound to Atlanta, Georgia  as a sponsor of the 9th Annual PRO Convention.  With the near 12 hour road trip ahead , it gave us plenty of time for Reflection and of course, stand up comedy.  After crossing over several state lines we were greeted by the Texas Biker Magazine logo along with other sponsor’s insignias outside the Georgia Convention center.

It was beautiful seeing a plethora of bikers from across the country.  Vests of difference hues and styles.  Many colors for one cause, UNITY.  We stood as Bikers who thirst for education, fellowship and camaraderie.  Of the many workshops, the most revered was the President’s meeting.  Profound information and encouragement was passed on to clubs to look for Quality oppose to Quantity of its membership.  Unity and Accountability were also stressed.

Out of hundreds of attendees, we encountered two whom stood out.  Darkness, PRO for V Twins MS, from
onlocation5Columbus, Ohio and a fellow biker from Baltimore, Maryland of BlackTigers MC.  His identitychickencup is withheld to protect his family.  He was a NUTT and funny as hell!!!  -LOL.  I know his Big Mama is still shaking her head chanting “Where did I go wrong.”  I am too Big Mama!  It wasn’t you, it was the lack of pre-natal vitamins.  These two fellow bikers were amazingly funny and entertaining.  Thanks for all of the love.  Look for upcoming video footage of their interviews soon.

onlocationMuch love and many thanks to those who donated or purchased items from Bikers Against Breast Cancer, INC.  Your contributions were applied to grants in order to support those diagnosed with cancer and in need of financial assistance.  You didn’t just buy a patch or a pin, you paid for food, electricity, medical bills and household care and expenses to applicants with cancer. YOU DID THAT!!!  WE can all help on some level.  Go to www.babcinc.org for more information on becoming involved with Bikers Against Breast Cancer Inc.  

The highlight of the 2012 PROC was the announcement of the 2013 PRO Convention (PROC) to be held in  Houston, Texas, hosted by  GLOW.  I was reminded of my first PROC in New Orleans where I was overwhelmingly intrigued and inspired to pursue the PROC for three years on behalf of GLOW.  It was  bitter sweet to have the selection come to fruition.  BIG UPS to the Gorgeous Ladies On Wheels MC/SC on their efforts to rep our city PROUDLY as hostess.  Take heed in the paraphrased quote of Winston Churchill,  "If you are together nothing is impossible. If you are divided all will fail."  Do the darn thang ladies!!!,  I’m Glam with TBM and was ON LOCATION in:  Atlanta, Georgia rep’n as a TEXAS BIKER.                                     

If you travel outside of our state representing Texas as a biker, we want to hear about your experience, then contact 
  • GLAM at 
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-888-9TX-BIKER ext. 706.

For more information on 2013 Public Relations Officer Convention and ways to attend, support or sponsor please log on to GLOW’s website @ www.glowmotorcycleclub.com.


Tuesday, 17 January 2012 11:38

Peep ThA Scene: 9th Annual PRO Convention

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peep2  peep3  peep4

The PRO Convention was attended by thousands of interested club members who represented hundreds of clubs from all over the nation.  TBM had the opportunity to sit in on one of the most important sessions of the convention - the president and vice president class on how to correctly lead a motorcycle club and lead by example.   There was a panel of speakers from various motorcycle clubs such as Outcast, Regulators, Hurricane Biker Girls, #1 Stunnas and Da Mob amongst a few others.  Each speaker took turns relaying advice and tips for the audience of club leaders.  A few speakers were bold and unafraid to say exactly how they felt.  In one instance a speak gave his spin on things.  His answer was plain, simple and straight to the point.  He said "If you're ****ed up, then you're club will be ****ed up."  Check out a few more points given duing the president & vp class.

  • Presidents should not be over any club money.  That role is designated for the club treasurer.
  • A good president is honest, fair, unbiased and consistent.  These are qualities a president should have.
  • A president should be able to perform and know the duties of all club positions.  It’s impossible to know when a position is being carried out if the duties are unknown to that president.
  • Know the club bylaws and be able to repeat them upon demand.  Know which article each bylaw falls under and the repercussions if violated.  A president should know their bylaws like the back of their hand.
  • A president should not handle any type of disputes.  This the duty of the Sgt at Arms.  They are considered the muscle of the club.
  • Be sure to call ahead when traveling to get clearance on colors.  Know each city or state’s protocol and motorcycle laws before traveling out of your city or state.
  • One member can represent a club.  Stop head counting.  There could be a valid reason why only one member was present.
  • Don't sleep with your prospects, club members or members' spouses.  It can cause issues within the club.
  • A president should always continue learning.  Don't feel like you know it all.  Continue getting educated.
  • A president should be educated in protocol in order to teach their members.  It's would be hard to teach what's not known.
  • The president works for the club.  The club doesn't work for the president.  A club should not be ran as a dictatorship meaning the president shouldn't make decision without the club.


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Sunday, 15 January 2012 10:31

Nominate your Biker Dude/Babe candidates

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The process of nominating and electing Texas Biker Magazine’s monthly Biker Dude and Biker Babe depends solely on our audience members each month.  In order to win TBM’s Biker Dude/Babe crown, a person must first be nominated to receive the opportunity to run in the election. Below, a few details have be provided about the rules and the nomination process.

Nomination Details
 -Anyone can nominate a person to run in the monthly Biker Dude/Babe election.
 -A person may nominate either themselves or someone else.
-Once a person is nominated, their name is placed on a list in the order of their nomination.
-The first three eligible Biker Dudes/Babes are selected from the list starting from the  beginning.
-Once a person is on the list, they will remain on the list until notified.  There is no need to submit another nomination.
-There aren’t any restrictions in regards to members of clubs and independents.  Independent riders are welcome to run.
-If any requirements are missing, then the nomination will not be accepted.
-All nominees must have all of the following requirements listed below in order to run for Biker Dude/Babe of the Month.

Biker Dude/Babe Requirements
 -Must own and ride a motorcycle
-Must be a member of TBM for at least 30 days
-Must have at least 70% of profile page information completed
-Must have a profile picture displayed on profile page
-Must have at least 50 confirmed friends on TBM

Submit your nominations by clicking Submit my Nomination.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012 15:06

On Blast...Hunni Bee

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HUNNYBEEON BLAST...Hunni  Bee of Killeen, Texas.  


Hunni Bee is a member of the all female motorcycle club - Queens of Sheba of Killeen, Texas.  She is one the P.R.O. and one of the newest members of her motorcycle club.  This photo featuring Hunni Bee was taken in Atlanta at the P.R.O. Convention.  

Wednesday, 11 January 2012 14:55

Strike a Pose..Baby Gurl

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Get a glimpse of TBM's January 2012 at the 2012 PRO Convention in Atlanta, Georgia.  Look forward viewing photos from Baby Gurl's Biker Babe photo shoot.


babygurl2  babygurl3