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Friday, 18 February 2011 05:58


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Jabo & B-Real @ STroker Mix & Mingle (Midtown Lounge) 2/11/11
Laugh My Ass Off (LMAO) - Take a break and get a laugh at our latest LMAO photo!  In this photo, Jabo (Genesis 4:9 - Houston), B-Real (Soul Rydaz - Dallas) and someone's ashy hand in the background.  Give us your most hilarious interpretation of our LMAO photo.  Also, see if you can guess who's ashy hand is in the background.  Let's see who will make us laugh the hardest.
Wednesday, 26 January 2011 04:12

Send us your thoughts!

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 Do you have any comments, suggestions, complaints, or just a few things on your mind?  Send us your thoughts, we want to hear from you.  Your opinion is important to us.   
TBM is MORE than just a magazine that focuses on the biker lifestyle, our main purpose as a biker website, future print magazine and a bike event media booking service is for UNITY.  In the future, we have so much more, so get ready to experience the biker lifestyle with Texas Biker Magazine.
     1.  Bike owners who ride  
     2.  Do not own a bike, but interested in riding & would like to purchase a bike
     3. Do not own a bike & no interest in riding, but love the biker lifestyle
Do you want to voice your opinion, ask a question, or simply share your thoughts?  There will be various ways to participate and this, so begin by sending a photo with your material.  There are several different ways to participate:  

  • Random letters  
  • Response to a question
  • Position on a controversial topic  
  • Ask a question  
If requested, your indentity will remain confidential.
Send your material to one of the following:      

 For questions, contact us by calling toll free @ 1-888-9-TXBIKER.  Make sure your voice is heard. 









Wednesday, 22 December 2010 18:48

Who's Winning the Race?

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As of Thursday, December 23, 2010 at 1:00 p.m., the results for TBM's Biker Dude and Biker Babe voting poll were as follows:

Biker Dude Nominees:

ILL WILL - Second II None of Houston 829 votes
J Rod - Royal Legion of Austin 1123 votes
Joker - One Unit of Houston 185 votes
Sandman - Ruff Ryder of Corpus Christie 402 votes
Youngsta - DTMOB of Dallas 68 votes

Biker Babe Nominees:

Glossy - Independent of San Antonio 92 votes
Jamie Rabadi - Independent of Austin 1067 votes
Jellybean - Independent of Houston 850 votes
SuperShak - Ruff Ryders of Waco 560 votes
VanillaChocolate - Independent of Tyler 38 votes

*These are PRELIMINARY results as of the above date. These results are subject to change immediately depending on the voters. Results will not be final until after the polls are closed on Sunday, December 26 at 10 p.m. The winners will be posted and announced on the TBM website HOME page on Monday, December 27 at 12 p.m. noon.
On THURSDAY, December 23 at 1:00 p.m., the results were: (nominee names are in alphabetical order)
Glossy - Independent
San Antonio
Jamie - Independent
Jellybean - Independent 
Super Shak - Ruff Ryders
VanillaChoc. - Independent
ILL Will - Second II None
J Rod - Royal Legion
Joker - One Unit
Sandman - Ruff Ryders
Corpus Christie
Youngsta - DTMOB

Saturday, 18 December 2010 06:17

December 18: A Busy Day

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What's happening on Dec. 18?

On the Saturday, there happens to be a large selection of activities, events and celebrations set to occur on December 18.  

1.  Celebration of "Twinkie's" Birthday - TBM staff member 
2.  GLOW's Anniversary Party at Wildcat Golf Club.
3.  Soul Rydaz Toy Drive in Dallas.
4.  King Rowdy's Birthday Party at the HandleBar.
5.  Xtreme Angels Ball in Dallas
6.  3rd Annual Just Jes Toy Run Fundraiser
7.  Past Biker Dude, T - Box's death anniversary a year ago.

Make sure you pick an event to attend and remember those who should be remembered and appreciate every aspect of your life by giving, loving and supporting each other.  Try to touch on each event and celebration while you remember who's no longer with us.  December 18 is a special day......more special than you'll ever know! 
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