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Road Dawg Speaks Out...

Road Dawg Speaks Out... (17)

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The Texas Biker Couselor

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Thursday, 15 November 2012 04:09

Riding to the Lone Star Rally

Written by

Check out Jason Moffit's ride to Galveston for the Lone Star Rally.  It's a view you don't want to miss.



 The Houston #1 Stunnas set it off right with another hype anniversary weekend celebration in Houston, Texas.  Much like the previous anniversary weekends, it was full of Stunnas from across the nation because it was definitely a weekend that couldn’t be missed.  

Monday, 05 November 2012 01:41

Riders Helping Fellow Riders...

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IMG 3037

 When Frankie aka “Da Bomb” and “Big Sexy” were approached for assistance by a fellow rider at the gas station, “Big Sexy” just looked at “Da Bomb” and asked, “You wanna go for a little ride?”  Withoutthinking twice, “Da Bomb” simply responded, “Yeah, we can do that.”  It wasn’t a second thought when they realize another rider needed their help.  Apparently, the rider’s headlight was too dim to ride alone and he needed more light to reach his destination.  A few moments later, all three headed out together.  That’s a classic example of what happens when a rider finds out another rider is in trouble…They have each other’s back and watch out for each other.  “Da Bomb” and “Big Sexy” are commended on the selfless act of helping a fellow rider in trouble.  “Da Bomb” (President) and “Big Sexy” belong to the Dirty Bay Bomb Squad of Baytown, Texas.


IMG 3036
IMG 3035
The photo on  the right shows the President of the Dirty Bay Bomb Squad (rt) "Da Bomb" and (lt) "Big Sexy"

1927NM BRET Motorcycle 2

Guess who's coming to the Lone Star Rally in Galveston, TX...


Multi platinum selling singer and songwriter, Bret Michaelsis slated for his first-ever appearance in Galveston,  TX, Friday November 2, 2012 at the nation's largest weekend motorcycle event... The Lone Star Rally.


Tuesday, 16 October 2012 09:28

Meet the October 2012 Nominees

Written by


Before the election polls open to elect the October 2012 Bikers of the Month, allow us to introduce the October 2012 nominees for this election.  Remember, don't hesitate to click on each of the nominee photos to view their profile.  These are the nominees:
Monday, 15 October 2012 12:42

On Blast Photo of the Day

Written by


When Texas Biker Magazine is out on the scene, it's always a pleasure running into a few of our past Bikers of the Month.  Check out three of TBM's past Biker Babes at the Houston #1 Stunnas 4th Anniversary Party in Houston.  (lt) TBM's current Biker Babe, "Hunni Bee" of Killeen (September 2012), the June 2011 Biker Babe is posing in the center (Necie aka "5 STARR" of H-Town), and "Goddess Jey" of Killeen (May 2011 Biker Babe) is posing on the left side.  Both "Hunnie Bee" and "Goddess Jey" are members of the all female motorcycle club, Queens of Sheba of Killeen and "5 STARR" is the secretary for Down Az Ridaz MC of Houston, Texas.  TBM also ran into "Black Kat" of Houston (March 2010 Biker Babe and the November 2010 Biker Dude of the  Month, "Tank" (President of the 3rd Coast Strokers), also from Houston.  Both he and "Black Kat" (P.R.O.) represent the 3rd Coast Strokers of Houston, Texas.


Saturday, 13 October 2012 22:23

Houston #1 Stunnas Anniversary Ride Photo

Written by

IMG 9755

This is just a peek of how it all went down
at the Houston #1 Stunnas 4th Anniversary
Ride in Houston on Saturday morning.
Saturday, 13 October 2012 00:48

October Biker Elections are around the corner

Written by
link-are-you-ready2TBM FAM…It’s almost time to elect your October 2012 Biker Dude and Biker Babe of the Month, so are you ready?  The nominees are being selected and contacted, so get ready to meet your October Biker Dude & Biker Babe nominees before the election polls open.
Friday, 12 October 2012 17:16


Written by
img 4768TEXAS BIKER MAGAZINE had a great time mixing and mingling with both the motorcycle community as well as the non-bike community Saturday night at Club Sugar Hill.  It was the TBM “Roll Up & Cool Down” social party promoting unity as always. 
lane splittingThe issue of legalizing lane splitting in Texas has been an ongoing debate for years, and with some of the most congested highways existing in Texas, it would seem feasible to use as many methods to help minimize this increasing problem.
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