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Tuesday, 06 April 2010 11:58

Contenders for Biker Babe and Biker Dude of the Month

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Who are the top nominees for April's Biker of the month? 

 Here are the results so far....

Top Nominees for  Biker Babe are....

 dbabc220bc732c23e8e1d1e9  Purple Rain (G.L.O.W.)

  08963063db77d7dad01890e1  Motorcycle Slim (3rd Coast Strokers))

 alt  Ms. Lyn (G.L.O.W.)

Other nominees were:    Lady Mal, Special K (D.I.M),  Pokie (#1 Stunnas), Cameron ( #1 Stunnas),  Chee-Chee (F.B.I.),  Cwade,  Sunshine,  Jellybean (D.I.M.),  Black Pearl (Kingz Angelz),  and Tissy (2nd II None HOU).


For Biker Dude,  the top nominees are...

  85b39969d591db0127687d9d  CharlieHustle (Tru Cons prospect)

  index  JABO49 (GENESIS 4:9)

 edfc4d4deaa39a2734f4faa2 Black Ice ( Syde Swipaz)

Other nominees were:

Godfather (#1 Stunnas),  Young-N ( H.O.T.T.),  Sinsay (M.O.B.),  Kinfolk (3rd Coast Strokers),  Tank (3rd Coast Strokers),  KSneed (3rd Coast Strokers),  B-Dubb (2nd II None HOU),  and Big Boi (Gulf Coast Busas M/C). 


Remember....you need to vote in order to get your favorite Biker Babe or Dude in that top spot!  YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO VOTE.....SO DO IT NOW!!!!! 

The DEADLINE is April 8, 2010 at 11:59pm. 

 Make your vote count!!!


Click here to cast your vote.

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