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Monday, 31 December 2012 19:43

Texas Bikers speak about their wishes for the year 2013...

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12“OUT” with the old and “IN” with the new…2013 is a new year, and with a new year comes a whole new set of goals to accomplish.  In 2012, there were many wonderful events and just as many sad and tearful moments as well.  Several members of the Texas Motorcycle Community shared their thoughts about what they hope to see and what they hope to accomplish in 2013.
"LADY J" of Dallas, Texas
PRO of I-20 Riders of Dallas, TX
“I would like to see more people riding their motorcycles instead of trailing them.”

IMG 9820
"KING FRENCHY" of Killeen, Texas
Chairman over U.C.O.W. South (United Clubs of Waco)
“…More focus on motorcycle rights and safety.  It’s not about segregation or the different patches on our vests…It’s about us a whole.  The people driving cars don’t care, they’re running us over everyday.  We have to realize that.  A lot of clubs want to be “stand-offish”…it’s about respect.  We need to have respect for one another because we’re in this thing together.  A lot of people lack knowledge about protocol and respect.  We have to come together as a whole.  People watch television shows like Sons of Anarchy and think everything about it is how things really are out here.  When two brothers kiss on Sons of Anarchy, that means loyalty, respect and love.  That’s something King Frenchy does…I show love to my brothers the same way.  It’s all about respect out here.”
IMG 2389"TANK" of Houston, Texas
President of 3rd Coast Strokers of Houston, TX
“…Staying true and committed to being a biker and not fall out of love with this.  It’s easy to fall out of the biker lifestyle and I don’t want to ever fall out of love with this.  My work schedule makes it hard sometimes…there’s a lot that happened to get me out of the loop.  I can’t be a biker without getting on my bike.  It’s hard to stay committed if you can’t engulf yourself into it.  So, my goal for 2013 is to stay focused, committed and stay on my bike.”  
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