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Monday, 05 November 2012 10:06

Houston's #1 Stunnas Celebrate Four Years in the Game.

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 The Houston #1 Stunnas set it off right with another hype anniversary weekend celebration in Houston, Texas.  Much like the previous anniversary weekends, it was full of Stunnas from across the nation because it was definitely a weekend that couldn’t be missed.  


The Houston Stunnas were ready to celebrate their 4th year in the game.  It was another year under their wings, almost a symbol of accomplishment that said they were stronger after so many years.  One noticeable fact about the Houston Stunnas, they weren’t finicky about what events or what clubs they supported.  Even though they were faced with the challenge of supporting over 30 of their own Stunna Chapters from all over the nation, it never stood in the way of supporting other clubs that were in their own backyard.  From Houston, Killeen and Dallas…they were known to travel all across Texas to support the motorcycle community, not to mention several different states.


The Houston Chapter is currently led by Tex as the president; and thus far his leadership has helped steer this club into positive direction. Together, he and the members endured typical club stressors, much like any other club of today; but unlike some, they were able to leap past all of the hurdles put in their path to receive them as stepping stones of growth.  This growth and strength is exactly what the motorcycle community witnesses at every event, especially with each of the members.  The motorcycle community has said, “They’re cool people”, “They’re fun to party with”, and according to one particular man, he said…“The #1 Stunnas man…they alright with me for real.  They cool as hell.”


1821-2151336742-OTheir anniversary weekend consisted of a meet & greet at Club Sugar Hill on Friday night.  Saturday morning, there was the anticipated anniversary ride with a block party afterwards in the Sheraton Hotel parking lot.  And on Saturday night, it was the big anniversary party at Club Boss.  


The meet & greet resembled the crowd of an anniversary party.  The parking lot was lined with bikes and the entire club was filled with people hanging out with their “#1” fingers in the air.  That was just the meet & greet, so you know how it went down all weekend long, and Texas Biker Magazine was invited to get it all first hand.


It was time to ride!  The morning came too quickly for a few…it was a little rough on those party animals.  You already know how the Stunnas get down on their bikes, and if you can’t hang…then you know what they say – “If you can’t handle yo bike…don’t ride out here.”  So, the invitation was given, and it was up to all of the riders to either accept it or reject the challenge of riding Stunna Style.  From what it appeared, there were at least 75 to 100 riders that accepted the invitation to participate in Stunna anniversary ride.


After the ride, everyone met back up in the Sheraton Hotel parking lot for the block party.  This wasn’t the normal sort of block party, since there were also several custom cars on the premises making it a mini car show.  They had bbq smoking on the pit, music by “D-Mac” of Second II None (Houston), and dominoes getting slammed on the table while everyone relaxed before the night time event.


The anniversary party was taken over by Stunnas from all over the nation.  There was the Dallas, San Angelo, Austin, San Antonio, and Killeen.  Not to mention the Stunnas that traveled from other states…New Orleans, Birmingham, Atlanta, and Milwaukee.  In VIP, two of the founding fathers, Reece and J.D., were also present from Chicago, Illinois.  No doubt, the Stunnas were definitely in the house. 2871-2162863791-O 


The crowd was at its crunkest when it came time to name all of the trophy winners for the night.  Congratulations to all of the winners that won “Most Rep” and “Farthest Traveled” trophies.  The winners are listed as follows:


Most Rep Male Club:  M.O.B.


Most Rep Female Club:  G.L.O.W.


Most Rep Co-ed Club:  H.O.T.T.


Most Rep #1 Stunna Chapter:  Killeen, Texas Chapter


Farthest Traveled on Iron (#1Stunnas):  Dallas, Texas Chapter


Farthest Distance Traveled:  “Make It Rain” from Milwaukee (Milwaukee Ch.)


Along with all of the trophy winners, many certificates were awarded as appreciation for their support.


Texas Biker Magazine wishes the Houston #1 Stunnas continued success and many more years of growth as a club.  If you didn’t get a chance to make this once a year anniversary bash with the Houston #1 Stunnas, then go to the FOTO GALLERY and check out the photos from all of the fun.

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