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Wednesday, 01 June 2011 14:10

June 2011 Poll Results...

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June 2011 Biker Dude & Biker Babe Poll Results


Our June 2011 Biker Dude and Biker Babe campaigned to get every vote possible.  Although they were victorious, their competition wasn't too far behind.  The females running for Biker Babe remained within a few votes from the start.  Even though Lady J led until Tuesday morning, she gave Necie a run for her money.  Trouble wasn't too far behind the two as well. 

Our Biker Dude nominees had a different pace during this election.  Once the polls opened, King Rowdy's number of votes soared and reached over 100 votes before the first day of the election ended.  Every day King Rowdy's count increased to leave a bigger gap between him and his competitors.

These are the final results to our June 2011 Biker Dude and Biker Babe election. 




King Rowdy  
Kingz Angelz
Houston    359    (56.09%)
Triple A Throttle Mob  San Antonio  147    (22.97%) 
Kuntry Boi  Dem Boyz  Killeen  134    (20.94%)  


Necie DownAz Ridaz Houston 224    (35%)
Lady J I-20 Riders Dallas 218    (34.05%)
Trouble Lady Warriors Houston 198    (30.94%)
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