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Wednesday, 25 May 2011 15:27

Get to KNow.....Devious

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           Killeen, TX
                       Killeen, TX
Jessica devios Mena Bike Shoot -319
TBM March 2011
Biker Babe of the Month
What do you know about our 2011 March Biker Babe – Devious of Killeen? TBM encourages the entire Texas motorcycle community to get acquainted with Devious to find out more about her personality and a few more details about her life. Devious currently resides in Killeen and is preparing for her position as the state secretary for the Ruff Ryders of Texas. Some of you may already know Devious, but if you hadn't had the pleasure of meeting her yet, then expect to meet one of the most caring and helpful individuals who truly tries to assist when possible. According to Devious, she has been told she's unapproachable, 
looks mean or seems uninterested in meeting people, but only those who take the time to get to know Devious will understand her personality and can say she's a cool and easy going person.  Devious has to admit she's a little hesitant to totally open up to an individual at first.  She's always prepared for the worst situation and feels it's better to prepare before being disappointed than to be surprised and hurt.  In the past, her beauty has caused people to underestimate her riding status and she has also been mistaken for a "bopper" or "groupie" instead of a true female rider.  Devious feels her beauty shouldn't mean she's incapable of riding and stresses the fact that there ARE female riders who are actually beautiful.  
Check out how Devious responded to the 25 QUESTIONS presented below, but first answer these three questions to test how much you already know about Devious. You never know.....You may know Devious better than you think.

Where is Devious originally from?

     a. Chilton, TX
     b. Jasper, TX
     c. El Paso, TX
     d. Laredo, TX
     e. Hillsboro, TX

Which race would accurately represent Devious on an application?

     a. Hispanic
     b. Caucasian
     c. African American
     d. Both a and b
     e. Both b and c

Why did Devious join the Ruff Ryders?

     a. They are known all over the world
     b. They treated her like a member and accepted her from the very the beginning
     c. They don't discriminate
     d. It's a co-ed club and has a large number of female members
     e. They will travel across the nation to support one another
25 QUESTIONS About Devious.....
1.  Birth name:  Jessica Mena

2.  Age:  27 years old

3.  Birthday:  November 12, 2011

4.  Sign:  Scorpio

5.  Hometown:  Chilton, TX

6.  Type of motorcycle:  GXR 750 White w/blue devils

7.  Dream bike:  Spyder

8.  What's your biggest riding pet peeve?  Someone who's riding slow who causes everyone
    behind them to get left behind.
9.  What do enjoy doing other than riding?  Modeling

10. What's the one thing about yourself that make you say, "I'm definitely a Scorpio?"  My temper

11.  Favorite music:  All types except techno

12.  What do men say they like about your appearance?  My butt and my eyes (changes between light brown and hazel)

13.  You're most attracted to a man's _________?  Confidence

14.  Favorite quote or phrase:  "You shouldn't be worried about who told me....Just worry that I heard it!"

15.  What question are you repeatedly asked and you're tired of having to repeat the answer?  "Do you ride?"
      followed by "What type of bike?

16.  What type of shoes do you wear while riding?  Chuck Taylors

17.  Would you consider dating on the bike scene?  Currently dating "Mafia" (RR of Killeen Platoon Sgt)

18.  What advice would you give to a female rider who's beautiful and new to the bike scene?  Do you
      and don't worry about anybody else.

19.  What's your biggest flaw?  My temper

20.  Do you belong to any clubs/groups/organizations?  I'm the state secretary (in training) for the
      Ruff Ryders, my chapter is in Killeen.

21.  What's your riding pace.....speedster or cruiser?  Speedster

22.  What's your pet peeve in regards to the motorcycle community?  Groupies and boppers

23.  What's the negative side to being a beautiful woman who rides?  Most people assume I'm a groupie.
      There ARE beautiful women out here who actually ride a motorcycle.

24.  What has the role of Biker Babe done for you?  It has given me notoriety and exposure.

25.  How do you feel about TBM and its impact on the bike community?  TBM is a positive way of linking everyone
      together. They don't discriminate or separate the different groups of motorcycles like most forums and websites   
      for motorcyclists.
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