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Wednesday, 25 May 2011 13:40

Get to Know.....Chi-Town

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       Killeen, TX
                 Killeen, TX
TBM March 2011
Biker Dude of the Month
Get to know TBM's March Biker Dude of the Month….Chi-Town of Killeen, TX.  Chi-Town is well known on the Killeen bike set, but as far as the overall Texas bike set, there aren't too many who really know him yet.  At first glance, he appears to be quiet.  It will take those who really know him to say he's the complete opposite.  They characterize him as a hilarious, outspoken and compassionate individual who's cool and down to earth.  When Chi-Town was asked to characterize himself, he responded by saying he's easy going, cool and persistent.  He never claimed to be perfect, but feels there's nothing wrong with improving yourself in hopes to get closer to perfection each day.
If you think that's the end.....It's just the beginning for Chi-Town....Continue reading!
He strives to attend church services every Sunday, even if he's out of town attending a bike event.  Currently, he's an independent rider, but he can't really tell you what tomorrow will bring.  He tries to keep positive people around him and tries to follow in their footsteps as well.  Chi-Town's not a complicated individual or hard to understand – Just get to know him and give him the same respect he gives you. He's compassionate about children and puts them at the top of his list. He tries to support every club event and charity function when given the opportunity. He feels the bike community should emphasize one major component.......And that's unity amongst everyone. 
How well do you know Chi-Town?  Well, try to answer these three questions and find out.  You may know Chi-Town a little better than you think.  Then, find out how he responded to 25 QUESTIONS about his life. 
The name "Chi-Town" refers to Chicago, but what's so significant about Chicago to receive his name?
     a. He travels to Chicago, IL once a year to visit his family because he's homesick.
     b. It really has nothing to do with the city of Chicago.  The spelling only mimics the city Chicago,
         but in reality it's because he's so shy.  (Shy-Town to Chi-Town).
     cHe moved to Chicago to attend college.
     d. He is from Chicago.  This is where he was born and raised.
     e. Queen Latifah's role in the play Chicago happens to be his all time favorite movie and received his name
        because he watched it repeatedly.

Who had more to with Chi-Town joining the military in the first place?

     a. mother
     b. cousin
     c. friend
     d. no one
     e. father
If a female friend or girlfriend asked Chi-Town to give his opinion on how they look in an outfit that was obviously too tight and didn't look good, how would he typically respond?
     a. Ummm. I don't know.
     bGirl what you got on!
     cWhy are you asking me?
     dIs it too tight?
     e. You look fine.  There's nothing wrong with how you look.


25 QUESTIONS with Chi-Town…. 

1.  Birth name:  Jimmie Gee

2.  Age:  27 years old

3.  Birthday:  November 19, 1983

4.  Sign:  Scorpio

5.  Height:  6' 2"

6.  Shoe size:  Size 13

7.  Type of motorcycle:  Suzuki GXXR 1000 (Red & Black)

8.  Biggest turn-off about women:  Ugly feet

9.  Favorite food:  Baked chicken, macaroni & cheese, with cornbread

10.  Favorite music and artist:  R&B; R. Kelly

11.  What's your biggest riding pet peeve?  Riders passing others in a curve

12.  What do women say they love about you?  Face:  smile; Body:  entire body; Personality:  funny, sweet
      and full of compassion

13.  Are you a member of any clubs/groups/associations/organizations?  I'm a Prince Hall Mason

14.  Favorite quote or phrase:  "I am what you make me"

15.  Best quality:  Persistence

16.  Something I need to work on improving:  I need to start caring about those who really matter instead
      those who don't matter.

17.  How did you feel when you found out you were elected as the March 2011 Biker Dude:  I was shocked and happy!

18.  What's your biggest Pet Peeve about the bike community?  The non-biker community not supporting the
      bike community because of negative information they've heard or assumed. 

19.  When giving back to the community, what or who is your main focus?  The kids

20.  Name a group or individual that truly inspires you:  Baby Gurl (Vice President of Queens of Sheba - Killeen).... 
      Baby Gurl has inspired me the most and I have to give her all the credit for helping transform me into a better
      person.  Everyday I'm   making efforts to correct my flaws to become the man I'm destined to be.  Baby Gurl
      carries herself and lives her life in the way that's pleasing to everyone and that's why I admire Baby Gurl today -
      She has made me into a better man.  She encourages me to continually work on my relationship with God,
      she encouraged me to ride and she's mainly the reason I ride today, but most importantly, she taught me the
      meaning of love and the importance of commitment.  If I were to get married tomorrow, it would definitely be
      to Baby Gurl.   

21.  What is something you dream to do or fantasize about doing?  Nothing.  I've done all that I want to do.

22.  What facial feature are you attracted to the most on a woman?  Her smile

23.  What has the experience of being biker dude done for you?  It has given me exposure and notoriety. 
      People actually recognize me because of this.  I think it’s cool to have had this opportunity.
24.  What are your thoughts and opinions about TBM and its impact on the motorcycle community?  I really like
       TBM.  I think the whole staff is cool and easy to get along with.  After spending time with the staff in San Antonio,
       I've grown to like them more.  TBM is cool man.  I like everything about TBM, the staff and anything has anything
       to do with them.  They will always have my support.
25.  What is something you hate to see in the bike community and wish it would change?  Those who feel a vest 
       makes them or feels they are superior because of their colors.  It shouldn't really matter as long as everyone is


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