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Sunday, 24 April 2011 14:37

Meet TBM's Group of the Month

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TBM's Group of the Month really doesn't need a formal introduction since they're known by the majority of the motorcycle community all over the state of Texas and in other states as well. Meet our Group of the Month -
The 3rd Coast Strokers MC of Houston, TX.

During their 30 day stint as our Group of the Month, you will have the opportunity to learn all about the 3rd Coast Strokers, their officers as well as the members. They will be celebrating their 4th Anniversary starting on Friday, April 29 with their meet and greet. Get ready.....The Strokers are in the house! First, read about their mission and look forward to finding out why this club is considered to be one of the most "elite" bike clubs in the state of Texas.

Get to know the 3rd Coast Strokers - TBM's Group of the Month!



We, the members of The 3rd Coast Strokers, strive to make it safe for any and all participants to be given the opportunity to ride the highways and byways in a safe manner. We strive to respect the rights of others, and conform to the “Golden Rule” of doing unto others as we would have them do unto us. Our members strive to present unto those that bear witness to our efforts that we shall leave a positive impression of fellowship, and of camaraderie. We are a union of individuals whose goals are to form a humanitarian effort to change the image of motorcycle riders, allowing the public to realize that we are people of faith, and of respect. Through structure, our goals shall be accomplished. Through our faith in God, the destination of the journey shall be safely reached. We believe that if our efforts, through community oriented services, can alter the lives of but one individual in a positive manner, then our living would not have been without purpose.



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