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Thursday, 06 March 2014 23:46

A Day In The Life of A Biker - Kendrick Brooks Featured

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TBM had the pleasure to join Kendrick Brooks.  Kendrick is a prospect for DownAz Ridaz.  Kickstands were up at 2pm as we left from Chacho’s Parking Lot.  The day was beautiful and it was perfect riding weather.  Our destination – Wolfies in Conroe.  After an unfortunate delay of waiting on 59n, we got back on the road and made it safely to our destination and order lunch.  We were joined on the ride with a few members from Full Throttle, ATM, & DownAz Ridaz.  There were many laughs and jokes and you could just feel the love.


VIP Gyrl: “What do you ride?”

   Kendrick: “Kawasaki ZX14”

VIP Gyl: “Ok, so you like a lot of power?

   Kendrick: (laughs) “Yea I’m a big dude”

VIP Gyrl: “At what age did you start riding?”

   Kendrick: “15”

VIP Gyrl : “Did you start on a dirt bike, and if so what was it?”

   Kendrick: “Honda CR80 Dirt Bike”

VIP Gyrl: “Why do you ride? In other words, what does riding do for you?”

   Kendrick:” It’s THERAPY”

VIP Gyrl:  “I hear that a lot” “Does your family ride as well?”

   Kendrick:  “Not really but my wife will ride with me sometimes.” 

VIP Gyrl:  “What made you decide to do this ride today?”

   Kendrick:  “I have a lot going on and needed to clear my mind.  My mom’s [Rosemary Brown] in the hospital and I wanted to do this to honor her.  I’m very thankful that everyone that showed up to show support.  It means a lot.”

VIP Gyrl: “Well yes, it is a nice turnout” “I noticed that you reference The Father, The Son, & The Holy Ghost constantly as you ride?  Are you Catholic?”

   Kendrick: “Nope, I just personally do that to make sure I have God with me and guides me to my destination safely.  I do it every time I enter and exit the freeway and when I get on and off of my bike”

VIP Gyrl:  “Well thanks for that because you had two people to pray for?” (Laughs) “Why do you choose to ride to Conroe?”

   Kendrick: It’s a peaceful ride.  Nice and smooth and I can clear my mind.  I can lose myself in the road.  It’s just me, pavement, and my bike”

VIP Gyrl:  “I see you are prospecting for DownAz Ridaz.  What made you choose them?”

   Kendrick:  “They are a family oriented club.  It just felt right.”

VIP Gyrl: “Well sounds like it great for you.  Thanks for letting TBM join you on today and we look forward to seeing you on 2s.  Let’s get back to Houston."


As we rode back, the reality of the dangers of motorcycling showed itself.  Unfortunately, one of the riders went down.  To see the love that bikers who didn’t even know her stop to aid showed that the biker community is truly a family.  They have what I call he B-Code (Biker  Code).  No matter if you know each other or not respect is given.  Thank God she was ok and her bike was not badly damaged.  We made it safely back to our start up destination and before I knew it, Kendrick was just a blue blur hitting the highway.


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