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Thursday, 16 May 2013 13:50

MAY IS MOTORCYCLE AWARENESS MONTH: Tips for both motorcyclists and motorists

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The month of May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness, and all month long everyone is encouraged to be cognitive of the presence of motorcycles when traveling, learn more educational tools on safe riding, and participate in the many methods of spreading the word on motorcycle awareness to motorists.  It's important that everyone make an effort to help keep motorcyclists safe while riding.  

Here are a few tips for both motorcyclists and motorists on changing lanes.

TIPS FOR MOTORISTS:  Motorcycles approaching your vehicle from behind

If you notice a motorcycle approaching in your rear view mirror, then remember to allow that approaching motorcycle to maneuver around your vehicle.  Never make the attempt to change lanes or move out of the motorcycle's path.  Let the motorcycle switch lanes to get around you instead of moving for them.  Remaining in your sae position and lane will allow the motorcycle to safely pass you.  In most cases, motorists are unable to correctly judge the approaching speed of the motorcycle.  Too often, the motorist fails to locate the motorcycle in the rear view mirror once again before changing lanes.  In evidently, the motorcycle is closer than you think, and may be in the process of passing you when you thought they were still seconds behind you.  Allows keep an approaching motorcycle in your view until the motorcycle is in front of your vehicle.  Allowing an approaching motorcycle can prevent you from running them off the road or even causing a fatal accident.  Remember, keep an eye on the approaching motorcycle at all times and stay put.


TIPS FOR MOTORCYCLISTS:  Approaching a vehicle from behind

If you are approaching a vehicle from behind, then assume you are invisible until in from of that vehicle.  Understand that most motorists are unable to judge your speed and may assume they have enough time to move out of your way to let you pass.  When approaching a vehicle, be aware that many motorists may switch lanes in order to allow you to pass by them, so be prepared in case the motorist switches lanes or even moves into your lane while next to them.  Before getting too close behind a vehicle, make a noticeable lane change ahead of time.  Never switch lanes right behind that vehicle because there is a higher change the motorist will fail to notice your presence.  If possible, try to switch to a lane that is the farthest away from the vehicle, so if the motorist tries to move over, then it will be into an empty lane instead your current lane at that time.  Pass vehicles slowly to motorists more time to be aware of your location.  


Something as simple as passing vehicles could end in a tragic accident, especially if both the motorcyclist and motorist fail to acknowledge the presence and location of one another.  It takes a joint effort to ensure motorcyclists are safe.  Motorists should make a habit of looking twice, and motorcyclists should ride with precaution and assume each motorist never will.  

Look forward to more articles, tips, and information on motorcycle safety awareness.  

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