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Sunday, 03 March 2013 11:31

Where Do They Draw the Line...Texas Bikers share the different reasons...

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1 34mEvery motorcycle rider makes the decision to park their motorcycle at some point or time.  In most cases, a typical rider draws the line and decides to park their motorcycle if riding somehow threatens their safety.  Even then, the reason or circumstance is can vary.  Find out some of the different situations that must occur in order for these riders to vow to never ride in bad weather conditions or draw the line and not ride their motorcycles. 
Normally, an inexperienced rider wouldn’t ride in extreme situations opposed to a more experienced rider.  The experienced rider wouldn’t think twice about riding unlike the inexperienced rider.  Not to mention those who are willing to ride in any weather, any situation, and regardless of the circumstances.  These riders refuse to let anything stop them from riding.  There has to be at least 4 feet of snow or flooded roads.  Better yet, the police would need to place a boot for overdue tickets on their wheel and stop some others.
Where do most riders typically draw the line and decide to park their motorcycle instead of riding it?  To get a general idea, ten riders shared their thoughts on what factors lead to the decision to park their motorcycle.  The follower Texas Bikers from various parts of Texas shared the different circumstances and situations that causes them to draw the line and refrain from riding.
Female from Pearland, Texas
3 yrs of riding experience
“When it’s raining outside, my bike doesn’t get touched.  I mean it could be barely sprinkling outside and I’m going to avoid riding.  Maybe it’s because I’m not as experienced or maybe I don’t think I have enough experience and skill to ride with killing myself.  I don’t really know the underlining reason, but I can say it’s definitely for safety reasons.  Don’t get me wrong, I like riding my bike.  There are certain situations that make it unsafe.  I’m definitely not the one that will ride in the rain, sleet or snow.  As a matter of fact, I won’t ride in any of it.  It’s not worth my life.  It’s not that serious…not for me.”
Male from Beaumont, Texas
17 years of riding experience
“I’m the one that will jump on the bike no matter how extreme the weather conditions may be.  It’s my passion.  I love it!  If it’s raining…who cares.  It’s cold as hell outside, then layer up and toss your leathers on and ride.  That’s what I say.  I’ve ridden in the snow, black ice, water up to my pipes…you name it.  I can’t think of one thing that could make me park my bike.  Probably getting a boot put on my wheel from too many parking tickets or something…that’ll be the only way these wheels stop rolling.”
Female from Spring, Texas
8 years of riding experience
“You know…if I have maintenance problems with my Harley…like balding tires or bad breaks, then that baby is getting parked.  I don’t and try to ride it with obvious problems…my tires are clearly separating in other words.  See, I can’t comprehend why people play with fire.  You’re asking for trouble before you even get a chance to even get on the bike.  Many times these idiots are well aware…I call them idiots.  They already see their tire is showing thread and they still go out and ride.  They’re endangering not only their own lives, but also the lives of everyone else around them.  I have a hard time understanding this, and that’s where I draw the line.  It’s for my safety, my family…gosh it’s for the sake of my own life…and that’s important for me at least.”
Male from Dallas, Texas
28 years of riding experience
“I will not ride if I don’t have my helmet.  I say that now, but 5 years ago my answer would have been a little different.  Almost getting killed changed that REAL fast.  The funny part about my accident is the fact that the accident happened less than a minute after pulling out of my driveway.  As a matter of fact, I was still in my neighbor and barely on the next street when a guy ran his stop sign and bam…plows right into me.  I didn’t have my helmet on because I was only planning to go around the corner to the store.  I didn’t feel I needed it for that distance.  After that day, I said I’ll never ride without my helmet because it only takes one second…only a couple of seconds for me.  And if I don’t have my helmet…I ain’t riding.  I’m not taking no chances.  I just won’t ride…end of story.  That’s where I draw my line, and that line is bold with a permanent marker (laughing).”
Female from Conroe, Texas
2 years of riding experience
“I really don’t know why, but I won’t ride by myself.  There were times when I made plans to ride, but I couldn’t find anyone to ride with me.  So, I drove my car instead.  When I do ride, whoever is riding with me has to meet me at my home.  Other than that, I’m too afraid to meet up anywhere else by myself.  I haven’t let go of having another person next to me for security reasons like when I first learned how to ride.  I’m so scary, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.  I’m a woman first of all, and two…I don’t ride as often as the next person.  I’m more relaxed and enjoy my ride when someone’s riding with me.  I’m not so tense…just a nervous wreck without someone.  I know, I know…I’m a big baby (laughing).”
Female from Sealy, Texas
6 years of riding experience
“You want me to give only one?  I can’t give just one main reason…I have tons.  I won’t ride knowing there’s some type of mechanical issue with my bike. If I know there’s going to be bad traffic…I don’t ride once again.  There’s the weather situation, late at night, no safety gear, and…oh yeah, it depends on where I plan to go.  If I’m planning to go to a place that is known to have a high theft rate, then I leave it at home.  I’m pretty sure I’m missing few others and just hadn’t realized it.  I take precaution in every way I possible can.”
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