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Friday, 22 February 2013 11:27

Dear ROAD DAWG..."Searching for the Solution"

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“I bought my first bike in 2011, so I guess I would be considered as someone who’s new to everything.  I’ve been to several bike events here and there, met a lot of others riders that are new riders, and eventually started riding with my own group of riders.  Lately, our little group has been talking about starting our own club, but when we ask around we get so many different answers on what our first step should be to get it started.  What is the first step to getting our club started and how do we know when an answer is that right answer?”
black rider“The first thing before anything else is getting educated about protocol.  You have to want to learn about it and be just as eager to learn as much as you can.  You can be out there acting like you have an understanding about everything, but it won’t take long before the truth is revealed.  If you don’t put forth the effort to learn more, then you’ll just be a box of rocks with no understanding.  The best teachers are the ones that know and follow protocol.  Get to know the veteran patch holders in your area and listen to their stories.  Allow them to pass on their knowledge and experiences first hand.  I’m not saying a young cat wouldn’t know things, but by talking to someone with years of following protocol and experience is your best bet.  Find out who is the dominant motorcycle club in your area or get involved with your local C.O.C.  After doing all of these things and there’s still no way of joining a club that is already established, then that’s when you would probably consider starting your own after going through the proper channels according to your area.  I’m sure after getting educated you’ll know how to answer your own question, because you’ll have a better understanding about things and would know the importance of respect in the MC world.  So, first and foremost…get educated about what you’re stepping into before anything else.  Afterwards, you’ll understand why I’m saying this and why it’s all so important.”
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