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Wednesday, 26 September 2012 23:40


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The prognosis looks good for Killeen’s NuBoyz Wit Atitude’s enforcer, James “B-Cool” Simmons, after receiving his fourth major leg correction surgery on yesterday at Scott and White Hospital in Temple, Texas. On the night of Friday, September 21, “B-Cool” was rear ended by a vehicle at a speed of around 40 mph.  
601408 107352892754133 92803726 nThe impact left “B-Cool” with a left leg broken in three different places.  The accident occurred on Stan Schleuter Loop in Killeen.  The driver of the vehicle was a local Killeen female and her excuse for almost killing “B-Cool”…She was trying to retrieve her cell phone after dropping it.   It was reported that the female had alcohol on her breath, but apparently, it was under the legal limit because the female was only ticket and allowed to go on about her way.   The female was not charged with any other charges other than the ticket.  Currently, “B-Cool” is in stable condition and will remain in the hospital until further notice.  It was reported that “B-Cool” 227992 107357596086996 1693541782 nwas on his way home after leaving a BBQ at a fellow NuBoyz Wit Atitude member’s home. The picture on the right shows "B- Cool" in the hospital after his first of four major leg correcting surgeries.
The President of NuBoyz Wit Atitude, "Major" of Killeen, had a few words to say on the latest. Here's what he had to say:
“A lot of people say bikes are dangerous, but time and time again its shown that its not necessarily the bikers, but the people in cars that don’t pay attention to bikers.  A lot of the time bikers do everything they’re supposed to do that right and if you’re not paying attention to the road…if you’re not looking at the road, then it’s easy to hit someone that’s on a bike and that what happened the other night.  So, when these people in cars hit guys on bikes, the laws need to be different from what they are right now because you can almost kill somebody and you walk away with a traffic violation…I have a problem with that. A lot of people have problems with that.  It’s just not…It’s not right.  You know…So I think ummm…especially this town it’s a military town we focus on motorcycle safety, but you need to focus on…like people in cars…you know what I’m saying.  Give them classes.” 
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