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Saturday, 19 December 2015 22:09

Who is Texas Biker Magazine

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Texas Biker Magazine Texas Biker Magazine

TEXAS BIKER MAGAZINE is MORE than just a typical biker website with a print magazine…..


TEXAS BIKER MAGAZINE is the hottest and latest commodity among the Texas Motorcycle Community in connection with motorcycles in all facets as the primary common interest.  We are a media source made up of an online and print magazine that focuses on the lifestyle and culture of the people in the Texas motorcycle community.  We provide updates, information, as well as educate our audience on important issues, motorcycle related material, and upcoming events.  We also promote safe riding and encourage all members to interact and socialize in hopes to establish future relationships.  Our audience consists of our registered website members, who are loyal and devoted to our purpose of promoting unity.

We provide a platform for the Texas motorcycle community to communicate, socialize, and network throughout the entire state of Texas.  We focus on the interests, activities, and events that surround the Texas biker lifestyle, culture, and existence.  TEXAS BIKER MAGAZINE is more than an online social network with a print edition.  We exist with purpose and a mission and daily we strive to fulfill these things in every aspect of our existence.  As a prominent media source for the Texas Motorcycle Community, it is our primary goal to help establish a positive image of the biker lifestyle, increase its popularity, and assist in educating those who tend to stereotype motorcyclists based on years of misconceptions and past misunderstood incidents.

Our Website 

TEXAS BIKER MAGAZINE is the primary source of communication, updates and contact information for Texas bikers and enthusiasts.  In June of 2009, we officially received our first registered member on our website and since were able to reach 1,000 members well before our first year of existence.  Currently, we have over 1,400 registered members, with countless visitors and guests as browsers.  Once a month, we feature a Biker Dude, Biker Babe, and a Group of the Month for 30 days.  Throughout the month, we post their photos, articles, and feature individual highlights.  Our website is a “one stop” website for the latest activities and events in the Texas Motorcycle Community.  Our stats have proven that our status and popularity is increasing rapidly. 

What Do Our Members Think Of Us?

“This is the place that everyone’s buzzing about.  It’s convenient because it has mostly all the updates, events and people all in one place together.  Instead of going to multiply sites to find information, I’m able to log on to Texas Biker Magazine and find it all in one location together.  I like this site…..it’s cool stuff!”  

- Aaron “Lil Red” Yarbrough 

  Dallas, Texas


“TBM is the newest place to find out what everyone else is doing.  It’s modern and has an up-to-date feel that doesn’t have just one area of information and riders, it’s for everybody all over.  I’ve even noticed lots of people on there from other states….and they’re always hanging on the site talking to us in Texas.  I don’t work for them, but I always tell people in the bike community to get on there, because  that’s where it’s at.”


Killeen, Texas

President of C.H.A.O.S. Rydaz MC


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