Look out Houston, there's a new all female MC rep'ing the Houston scene.

Texas Biker Magazine recently started asking the question; what do you do within your community in which you represent yourself as a Biker or MC?

Texas Biker Magazine had the pleasure of being invited to sit in during the planning of this year's 5th anniversary of the Do You See Me Now Motorcycle Safety and Awareness event located in Central Texas.



TBM had the pleasure to join Kendrick Brooks.  Kendrick is a prospect for DownAz Ridaz.  Kickstands were up at 2pm as we left from Chacho’s Parking Lot.  The day was beautiful and it was perfect riding weather.  Our destination – Wolfies in Conroe.  After an unfortunate delay of waiting on 59n, we got back on the road and made it safely to our destination and order lunch.  We were joined on the ride with a few members from Full Throttle, ATM, & DownAz Ridaz.  There were many laughs and jokes and you could just feel the love.