Look out Houston, there's a new all female MC rep'ing the Houston scene.

  By way of New Orleans, Caramel Curves has officially opened it's Houston Chapter June 1, 2016 under the leadership of Honey.  These ladies are known for riding in 5" heels and pink smoke burnouts. Caramel Curves is a sisterhood.  They represent family and are some bad chicks on bikes.  

The idea of opening a Houston chapter was brought to Honey by 2 other people and she met with Tru (1 of the presidents of the Mother chapter).  After starting a family, Honey decided that it was time for her to get back into the MC scene although she was an independent rider.  
There are 8 members of Caramel Curves Houston all riding bikes ranging from 600cc to 1300cc. These ladies are here for the love of riding, supporting all clubs and independent riders, and give back to the community showing that women can be just as good in this male dominated sport. 
At any given time, you may see a member of Caramel Curves in these streets.  They eat, sleep, and drink riding.  "We don't just ride to be seen or just to events, we ride because we wake up feeling like it.  Be it to work, around the corner, or just because it's a beautiful day.  It's a way of life for us; not just a hobby" - Honey
Houston when you see these ladies, show them some love and get out and ride with them.  Welcome Caramel Curves Houston.