Texas Biker Magazine had the pleasure of being invited to sit in during the planning of this year's 5th anniversary of the Do You See Me Now Motorcycle Safety and Awareness event located in Central Texas.

This event will jump start the National Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month which is in May. This year's event is in memory of Michael "Mooch" and Lisa "Hootie" Richard who lost their lives while on the road as Motorcyclist. The starting point of the event was at Twisted Wrench Saloon in Harker Heights, TX and the destination was Ogletree Gap Park in Copperas Cove, TX. The Do You See Me Now event was created by members of Fogotten Soldiers MC in 2012 due to the loss of many Motorcyclist and friends by motorists who weren't cognizant about sharing the road with Motorcyclist.

The event consisted of music, raffles, food and fun for all ages and a motorcycle ride with participants wearing a safety green and safety orange T-shirt with the theme of "Do You See Me Now" with a monkey riding a motorcycle. This is the first year of the implementation of the safety orange T-shirts. The idea of the logo of the monkey riding a motorcycle is to get the attention of kids who are riding in vehicles with their parents to point out the rider sharing the road with them. Seeing advertisements for motorcycle awareness on TV, billboards and flyers is one thing but to actually see that advertisement on the same road you may be traveling and pulling up next to you at a stop light makes the message clearer to pay attention to motorcyclist on the road.


There were several MC/Motorcycle Clubs and Independent Riders helping to make this year's event a success, as it always has been since the start. They assisted with location of event, route of the ride, contacting local law enforcement, yard signs, T-shirt production, registration, parking, raffles, coordination of vendors, coordination of entertainment, contacting media, photography, T-shirt sales and not to mention the last minute snags and adjustments that needed to be made in an effort to make this event successful once again. We hope this will inspire others in different areas to take a stand within the community to be seen while on the road as Motorcyclist. Texas Biker Magazine would like to recognize the following Clubs and Independents in the Central Texas area for volunteering their time and putting forth the effort for such a worthy cause. Thank you!

Forgotten Soldiers MC

Green Knights Chapter 110

Cen-Tex Road Riders Association

Christian Motorcyclist Association

Queens of Sheba Motorcycle Club

Jack Thompson, Joker's Ice House

Rebel Riding Gear & More, Copperas Cove

Angie Hopkins

TX DOT (Waco, TX)