ERICA DARGINof Houston, Texas



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Erica D. Head to Wasit
Age:  27 years old
Birthdate:  August  19, 1985
Zodiac Sign:  Leo
Leo Qualities:  Spontaneously creative, big hearted, affectionate & extroverted
Years as a Thunda Kat:  1 year
Years as a model:  4 years
Relationship Status:  Happily taken...
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If a stranger were to meet you for the first time, what would that stranger say about you after having a conversation with you?

"I light up the room with my charm and I’m a happy woman."


What features would a person notice about you to make them say that you are definitely model material?

"My face, skin and athletic build.  Photographers are grateful to have no need to Photoshop my body."


Erica D. Full Body


When it's time to get into your modeling mode, what best describes that personality you change into?

"For photo shoots, I'm all about business, and I'm always professional.  I'm really quiet and focus on posing.  For promotional gigs, I let my bubbly personality take center stage!"



Erica D. Swimsuit


What is your image of a "sexy biker"?

"There's something about a man that looks like a bandit that does it for me..."


 What are your thoughts about the motorcycle community after having had the opportunity to cover a motorcycle event?

"I found that they are just like the trail riding community.  The only difference is that they ride Harleys, not horses!"  


How do you stand out from the rest of the models?

"I'm completely diverse.  As an accountant, model and cowgirl, I can handle anything that is thrown my way."


LAST WORDS from Erica....

"I have grown into a strong young woman, and I have found love and happiness within myself.  Modeling is a profession that has always been a life long dream.  I work hard to obtain the body I have.  I have fought even harder to build the self confidence and determination that is needed in order to stay focused, and keep the necessary mind frame that is needed to continue elevating the art that I truly love."