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Where da real ground pounders at ?

Anyone down to put their steel on the road and pound to North Carolina this weekend for one hell of a party. If so get at them boyz of Outcast m/c !
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    Monday, February 14 2011, 09:08 PM - #Permalink
    We pounding to Atlanta Georgia for one dam good Outcast party this wekend 2/18-2/20 . If anybody in the H-town or surrouding area is  interested in rolling your sled to GA with us shoot me some contact  info . Doesnt matter what club you ride with or what you ride this invite is open to all just be sure to pack you some head to toe black gear for the party saturday night.  We will be heading back to the lonestar state sunday morning
    *Why get it if you aint go ride it -dont be afraid to leave your state and go meet the rest of the world *
    Piece ,
    Bigstew -Ground pounder
    This is what the f$%# I do !
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