Dont you hate when riders talk about how they are the best riders and they would leave on straight aways and drag their elbow in a turn, hold a wheelie so long the oil light comes on. Then you get them on the road and none of that happens. You like dawg were are those riding skills you boasted earlier. Then he/she replies "oh man I just wasn't feeling it today", "my bike is running funny", "I just got new tires on I could ride that hard because they wasnt boke in". hahahaha all talk. It's always the new guy.
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    Tuesday, November 24 2009, 04:08 PM - #Permalink
    that cracks me up everytime... i love getting them on the track and sucking them into a corner.. only to look back and see that they stood it up and ran off the  but i would much rather see them ask for some advice and help or for me to follow them and tell them what to work on.. or on the backroads someone stay in there limits and ride their own ride and pace, rather than get hurt or go down because they are trying to keep up or help their ego...
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