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TBM STAFF BLOG: If I see this one more time, I swear I'll....

Covering events every weekend was cool back in 2009, but after 3 years seeing the same repetitive thing...it's probably not the first thing on my "favorite list" now that it's 6 years later.  I remember asking the bike community what they were tired of seeing or wished it would change, and after getting well over 200 responses from various people across Texas, I have to admit that the #1 response and most common from all of you also irked me as well.  But we're not going to focus on all of your responses because this is my blog and that's why I'm going to talk about all of the things that I'm hoping to see a change in or never deal with again.  Let's keep it simple...let's talk about events in general.  Now, I need to ask a question first...Is there an under written rule that states

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