The all male club Anu Era was on community duty recently when they hosted their 4th Annual School Supply Drive on June 2nd in Killeen, Texas.  This wasn’t your average community service event being there was a car and bike wash along with a night time trophy party at Club Rumors in Harker Heights.  These boys definitely went all out for the cause and made things happen.

Houston Area Female Riders Were Recognized
In lieu of May being Motorcycle Awareness Month, the Houston area all female motorcycle clubs were invited to attend an all female social event to recognize the all female MC’s of the Houston area.

Community Service 116It’s rare to find a club in the motorcycle community that devotes a substantial amount of time to community service.  Typically, today’s new generation of motorcycle clubs are initially formed on behalf of the common love of motorcycles or to establish a family oriented bond amongst the members whom ride with other activities. 

hoodThe Houston and Brazoria County area bikers joined the national effort to seek justice for the tragic death of Trayvon Martin.  Among the countless rallies, marches and protests, it was time for the bikers to ride for a purpose and help fight for justice in the same.  That’s why it was decided to form a “Hoodie Ride” to show support and let the world know bikers care as well.