The all male club Anu Era was on community duty recently when they hosted their 4th Annual School Supply Drive on June 2nd in Killeen, Texas.  This wasn’t your average community service event being there was a car and bike wash along with a night time trophy party at Club Rumors in Harker Heights.  These boys definitely went all out for the cause and made things happen.


Every year, Anu Era devotes their time to helping the community.  In the past, they handed out school supplies to anyone who felt they needed help, but they realized too many people were taking supplies that weren’t considered “under privileged” when compared to those whom were.  So this year Anu Era took it a step higher by donating school supplies to all of the students attending an under privileged school in Killeen.  Instead of half of these students receiving assistance, the entire school of students will be receiving school supplies.

The sponsors for this event were Fort Hood Harley Davidson, Club Rumors and Texas Biker Magazine.  TBM was invited to cover the festivities by Anu Era’s PRO, “Trigga Trig” of Killeen.  Although TBM was unable to attend the daytime events due to other prearranged obligations, TBM was definitely in the house later on that night for the trophy party at Club Rumors.

The daytime events were held at Fort Hood Harley-Davidson, which was the start of this all day event.  Beginning at 10 a.m., a car and bike wash took place with help from the lovely ladies from Blaq Dymond Models to assist in washing vehicles.  The atmosphere was set with music from DJ P-Funk from Definition DJ’s.  Several competitions took place as well, such as a car and bike competition along with a loud pipes contest.  Big Ups to all of the winners from each of these categories - DRS member, “Mean Mug”, took home the Best Car trophy and “Scar”, member of Kingz, dominated the Best Bike Contest.

Later on that night, it was on and poppin at Club Rumors.  The party took place on the back patio of the club.  Outside on the patio, it was a whole new world.  There was a full service bar with bartenders, vendors with food, a stage with the DJ mixing tracks and a mixture of the bike set and non-riders in the house getting their party on.  There were people from the motorcycle community representing Austin, San Antonio, Houston and even other states such as Alabama and the Farthest Traveled trophy recipient from Seattle, Washington.

Towards the end of the night, the baddest built ladies lined up for the Best Female Body Contest and the men competed for the Hard Body Contest.  The winners didn’t win too easily since the females had to compete a little harder with a dance off and the men had to take their shirts off.  It was all up to the crowd’s applause to determine the winners and in the end the crowd spoke loudly and oh so clear to pick the two winners.  Most Rep Club trophies were handed out shortly after.  Congratulations to the Most Rep Male Club – K-9, Most Rep Female Club – Show Stoppers, Most Rep Co-ed Club – Kingz.  The Crunkest Club trophy had to be the hardest to determine.  Kingz, Dem Boyz, Show Stoppers and K-9 were all in the middle of the floor in front of the stage competing for the trophy all at once.  It wasn’t until the members from Kingz did a little something different to ultimately determine the winners.  How often did you see a person sitting on a tricycle being lifted in the air by his members?  Hardly…Never!  Well that’s what happened.  And that’s exactly why Kingz won the Crunkest Club trophy!

Texas Biker Magazine would like to commend Anu Era on the success of their event and an even bigger shout out to “Trigga Trig” for all of the hard work he put into organizing this entire event.  Although he may have had help from his members, it was “Trigga Trig” that put forth the most effort in the end, so Big Ups to “Trigga” and the members of Anu Era!  Also, shout out to the other sponsors that sat next to Texas Biker Magazine…Fort Bend Harley-Davidson and Club Rumors.  Lastly, hats off to each individual and club that supported this wonderful cause and for participating and doing your part to help the community.

Look out for more from Anu Era later on this year in October as they host their Annual Halloween Party and also next year in January for their 5th club anniversary.