Houston Area Female Riders Were Recognized
In lieu of May being Motorcycle Awareness Month, the Houston area all female motorcycle clubs were invited to attend an all female social event to recognize the all female MC’s of the Houston area.


All females in a full patch all female motorcycle club received a complimentary photo on their motorcycles while all riding, non-full patch members and independents were also invited and welcome to take photos as well.

 All of those females that received complimentary photos received them on behalf of the person responsible for the entire social event, which happened to be Mickey Battise of Houston.  Mickey, being a fellow female rider of many years, knows very well how much the number of female riders has increased other the years and when she was asked why she decided to host this event, she responded simply by saying, “I’m all about promoting unity in the community.”  She also spoke about encouraging female riders to get to know one another as well as it being a way to acknowledge those females who own motorcycles and truly ride. 
There were a total of seven all female Houston area MC’s that was supposed to be honored, but only four were present.  Those four all female MC’s were F.B.I., Dyme Peece, G.L.O.W., and D.I.M.  In line to take photos were many other female riders from various other clubs as well as several independent female riders.  These females belonged to the clubs Street Made, Black Saints, Down Az Ridaz, Leather and Lace, Sisters On Steel, 6.1.0. Riders and Silverbacks.   
The event took place at The Handlebar located off of Homestead Road.  The first two hours were designated for female riders.  After 6 p.m., males were allowed to join the festivities.  Representing those multitalented female riders were “Special K” (President of D.I.M.), who happened to be the female DJ for the evening, Sherry of Next To Kin Riders cooked the food while “Black Gal” provided a beautiful cake.  Although they didn’t get photos taken, the ladies from W.O.C., Second II None (Houston) and Street FX also made appearances as well. 
Texas Biker Magazine would like send a shout out to Mickey for her efforts in uniting female MC’s and the female riders of the motorcycle community.  Big ups to “Special K”, Sherry and “Black Gal” for their contributions.  Lastly, thanks to Scottie Blu for allowing this event to occur at his establishment, The Handlebar.  Shout out to all of the female riders who attended this event and as well as those female riders that participated in having their photos taken. 
All of those who had photos taken received their photos via email as well as hard copies in the mail.  Texas Biker Magazine emailed all photos to those that provided email address and also mailed hard copies to those that provided mailing addresses.  If by chance someone still has not received their photos either thru email or mail, then please contact TBM to ensure you receive your photos.  Please call 1-888-9TX-BIKER ext. 702 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Look forward to the next all female social, which will be an ice cream social in July.  In the meantime, check out the photos of these females taken that evening at The Handlebar in the slideshow above.