Community Service 116It’s rare to find a club in the motorcycle community that devotes a substantial amount of time to community service.  Typically, today’s new generation of motorcycle clubs are initially formed on behalf of the common love of motorcycles or to establish a family oriented bond amongst the members whom ride with other activities. 

Each club has a purpose, mission and an overall meaning behind its existence and that’s exactly what each member must agree with in order to become a member of that particular club. 


There’s nothing confusing about 6.1.0. Riders in regards to who they are, what they represent and why their club was initially started and the reason they exist today.  It’s communicated within their name and becomes plain and simple once it’s broken down and explained.  It’s all about a few principles with a cause while excluding drama; it’s something similar to a math equation. 

The six (6) Principles:

  • Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Integrity
  • Honor
  • Strength
  • Pride
The one (1) Cause that unites them…RIDING!
If all of the above is maintained and adhered to, then there is zero (0) Drama!
In normal circumstances the members of 6.1.0. Riders engage in some form of community service several times a year.  Whether it is assisting the elderly or participating in helping the needy, they’re devoted and fully committed to giving back in some way, form or fashion.  6.1.0. Riders are different in regards to community service – They don’t just say it…THEY DO IT!
It’s easy to join and participate in other community projects that are already being headed by another group or individual.  More than likely, the amount of work is minimal and if there is a large group of participants, then it’s easy to loose focus on the main purpose.  Things could turn into a social event instead of focusing on the cause itself.  Although 6.1.0. is willing to participate in all community services events and activities they are allowed to join, they will always head their own projects according to what they feel needs attention.  There may be times when no one knows about some of their community services projects and even times when the entire motorcycle community may be informed.  They feel it’s not important to receive accolades for their deeds, but instead whether or not the task is carried out and completed.
6.1.0. Riders did exactly what they said they would.  The members cleaned up two abandoned lots next to two elderly residents in the Bayou Terrace Subdivision located in South Park.  This clean up included cutting the yard, clearing tree branches and picking up trash to improve the appearance of the lots in that neighborhood.  The elderly residents living next to these overgrown lots were unable to neither clean the lots themselves nor provide the financial means to hire someone else to do the job as well. 
The Bayou Terrace Subdivision was adopted by 6.1.0. as an area to help improve, maintain and respond to the needs of the residents.  This subdivision was selected for various reasons since most of the members from 6.1.0. Riders were either once residents of the South Park area or currently live in the area.  They may not reside or be from this subdivision, but it’s still a part of South Park.  In other words, Bayou Terrace Subdivision is still and will always be a part of what they call home.
Here are a few of 6.1.0.’s past community service projects:
  • Built a sign for the Bayou Terrace Subdivision which stated “Welcome to Bayou Terrace”
  • Cleaned up the Sunny Side area several times by picking up trash for miles
  • Manicured many elderly resident lawns
  • Fed the Bayou Terrace Civic Club members as an expression of appreciation
In regards to the future, 6.1.0. Riders doesn’t plan to limit their assistance to one particular person, area or task indefinitely.  There are tons of projects and community members in need that deserve their attention, and that’s why there’s no telling who, what and where they will be devoting their time to in the future.  They feel the sky is the limit when it comes to helping others.  Most importantly, the only thing that is stopping them is the act of doing nothing at all… That’s why 6.1.0. Riders feel they are limitless!  They don’t just say it…They do it!
Look forward to 6.1.0. Riders taking part in the Special Olympics Rodeo in Pasadena, Texas.  From helping the elderly to bonding with special needs children…There’s no telling where you’ll find 6.1.0. Riders devoting their time.  They should be an inspiration to the motorcycle community and known as leaders, respectable individuals and a club of family oriented riders.  6.1.0. Riders are the epitome of what it means to be a club that hits the pavement and ride, family oriented, and known as respectable charitable givers who help their community in need.