hoodThe Houston and Brazoria County area bikers joined the national effort to seek justice for the tragic death of Trayvon Martin.  Among the countless rallies, marches and protests, it was time for the bikers to ride for a purpose and help fight for justice in the same.  That’s why it was decided to form a “Hoodie Ride” to show support and let the world know bikers care as well. 


As bikers, it is much too common to be negatively profiled and put into meaningless categories as bad individuals.  For years, bikers have been fighting to change this image, and it is finally time to let the world know that all bikers aren’t’ menaces to society.  In fact, today’s bikers are a different breed and cut from a different cloth.  They promote unity, support each other and belong to clubs who share bonds of brother and sisterhood.  Community service is at the top of their list and they’re active charitable givers who support various charities, causes and foundations.
The “Hoodie Ride” was formed to help seek justice for Trayvon Martin’s death and the manner in which it took place.  Also, it was important to bring awareness to negative profiling against bikers as well as anyone.  This area of bikers fully supports the efforts to charge Trayvon’s killer with his death especially since there’s no evidence to support a self defense claim.  It is important to inform the nation that bikers are individuals and shouldn’t be stereotyped, prejudged or profiled based on the past or other individuals.  Bikers are people too; the only significant difference between them and any other community member is their love of motorcycles and riding.
Texas Biker Magazine would like to thank those individuals, clubs and road captains whom dedicated their time to the cause.  It’s all about the cause, unity and riding!   Thanks to Darque Skyn, president of the all female club of Freeport, Texas – Dyme Peece, for helping steer things and making it all happen.  A special thanks to Head Mistress, TBM staff member, for pitching the idea to the staff.  It all worked out beautifully since Darque Skyn was thinking of hosting a ride for the same cause and ironically mentioned it to one of her members on the night before she was contacted.
Before the ride at the meet up location, six road captains were selected to direct the ride.  Thanks to D-Train (vp of Down Az Ridaz), Da Wiggla (3rd Coast Strokers), Facts (Down Az Ridaz), Eric aka “E” (independent), Craig (independent) and Nash (independent).  Afterwards, several others stepped up as road captains throughout the ride to help secure intersections and maintain a steady flow of safe riding, so thanks to those individuals as well.
Shout out to all of the clubs, independents and followers on four wheels.  Thanks to Down Az Ridaz, 3rd Coast Strokers, Dyme Peece, Kingz Angelz, United Bikers, GLOW, Mafia, 6.1.0. Riders, S.L.A.P.A.H.O., Street Made, Desolation Angels, M.O.B., True Bikers United (T.B.U.), P.O.T.N.A.S and Midnight Star.  That’s how you show up and SHOW OUT!
All of the riders met up in the SRO Sports Bar parking lot at NW Mall and later hit the highway to attend two rallies, caught a few drinks at a 3D bar and grill, and partied until the late night hour at a local night club all in the same day within hours.  Five minutes after the ride began, Lamont aka “Peaunut”, accidently fell on the 610 Loop to stop all of the traffic.  Unaware of the accident, the first half of the ride continued riding ahead and eventually turned around once getting word of the accident.  After shutting down 610 to a one lane highway until the ambulance, many of the riders took the responsibility of helping direct traffic for the safety of “Peaunut” as well as the riders.  Once the ambulance arrived, they were able to safely transport “Peaunut” to Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Medical Center where he successfully received surgery on his knee cap.  TBM, all of those who participated on the ride and the motorcycle community send their prayers out to “Peaunut” for a speedy recovery.  To receive more in dept information pertaining to “Peaunut’s” location and current condition, contact his club (Mafia) and they’ll be able to update you.  TBM did speak with “Peaunut” since his accident and leg surgery, he says he’s doing just fine and appreciates all the calls, visits and concerns.
After regrouping once “Peaunut” was taken to the hospital, everyone headed towards downtown to the NAACP rally for Trayvon Martin.  Here is an overview of the locations and stops made by the “Hoodie Ride”:
            Started from the SRO’s Sports Bar parking lot
            NAACP rally for Trayvon Martin located downtown Houston at City Hall
            Fox Den 3D Bar & Grill located in Pearland, Texas
            Emancipation Park for another Trayvon Martin justice rally
ended @
            Diallos located off of OST for Sunday Bike Night 
Overall, the “Hoodie Ride” was a success despite an accident.  It was planned less than 48 hours of the scheduled meet up time.  Even though it may have been a tad bit last minute and a little more organized, it turned out great considering the amount of time needed to fully construct a ride.  It was the cause that was the most important part of the entire ride and at the end of the day these bikers did exactly that…They united and rode with purpose as well as a cause!